Bloco DRE Carnaval: The biggest electronic music block in São Paulo

electronic music block

In 2018, Dre Guazzelli created the “Bloco DRE Carnaval”, which in its debut year was consecrated as the biggest electronic music block in São Paulo.

electronic music block

In 2020, the DJ and producer is even bigger, commanding again on February 24 the “Bloco DRE Carnaval” and on February 29 the “Bloco Dre Tarde”.

The ‘Bloco DRE Carnaval’ was a big surprise last year, a lot of desire to make this moment that I always dreamed of having at carnival happen, a strong trio with loud and quality sound, with a lot of happy, beautiful people of different ages in track. We will certainly be well visited this year as well.

Consider DJ and producer Dre Guazzelli.

For the artist, carnival represents love in the form of a party.



Block DRE Carnaval

THE Block DRE Carnaval takes place on February 24, Monday, with a concentration at 2:30 pm and dispersion at 7:00 pm. Among the guests are DJ Gabriel Boni, singers Zeeba and Kafé, violinist Cleyton Rodrigues and saxophonist Salazar.

The route takes place on Avenida Faria Lima, starting at number 4150 and ending at number 4500. On February 29, Saturday, the artist commands the Block Dre Afternoon, at the same time, leaving Praça Edgar Hermelindo Leite, until Avenida Helio Pellegrino, number 1071.

Finishes Dre.