‘Blind Wedding’ on Netflix: How to Participate

‘Blind Wedding’ on Netflix: How to Participate

THE Netflix’s second most watched series, is on everyone’s lips, single or not. What promises to unite in the sacred bond of marriage total strangers is controversial, intense and real.


How to join?

In an interview with, the creator of the program, Chris Coelen, said he selected people who lived in the same city. Ao, Coelen explained how the participants were chosen.

We chose the participants really based on the feelings they expressed and our judgment as to whether they were really interested in exploring a serious lifelong relationship and / or getting married.

Chris Coelen explained in an interview with Express.co.uk.

At the end of the interview, Coelen raised the expectations of those who dream of finding a soul mate in.

Fortunately, you’ll soon hear more about how we invite people from other places to participate.

Coelen concluded.

For fans of, it remains to wait for new information from the creator and, who knows, to be able to participate in the selection process in a season recorded here in Brazil.

The first season of is available at Netflix, with 10 episodes of 1 hour duration on average, each, and an eleventh episode of reunion, with 51 minutes.