Black Mirror | Season 5 review

 Black Mirror |  Season 5 review

With a reduced number of episodes released in the fifth year, Black Mirror embraces your pop and mainstream side.

The new year of Black Mirror arrived on Netflix, only, with three and new episodes, and as much as the productions present that classic DNA of the series, we see here, that the producers appealed to questions a little more different from what we saw in the other seasons of the production.

Here, we have the proof that the series fell into popular taste and makes episodes more glamorous and connected with pop culture than in other seasons. Black Mirror became mainstream, stopped being that niche British series that was saved by Netflix. The new year seems to have participated in an episode of the reality show Queer Eye, where in addition to having his stories more focused on the internet universe, he also managed to bring with him names known to the general public to help tell his story.

In the fifth year, we have the singer Miley Cyrus as a pop artist in 5 × 03 – Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, one of the most fun episodes, but at the same time, less with the footprint Black Mirror that already happened in the history of the series, where we see the real grace to be in a talking robot doll. The episode only flirts with some situations, tries to take its story in certain ways, but only, gives us the basics, where the writers seem to be afraid to show a certain boldness, something that the series has always been known to do.

Miley Cyrus okay, it didn’t disappoint as an actress, where here, the chapter just seems like a good wasted opportunity to deliver a great story. Of course, perhaps due to the fact that it treats and shows a little bit how superficial the social networks and the images that the artists transmit to the public are fragile, the third episode of the new year seems to have several paths that could have been taken, of course, in a big car with rat ears and hair.

The 5 × 01 – Striking Vipers, although it goes deeper into questions about the essence of the problems that the characters experience and how technology affects them, it still leaves a little to be desired in terms of story and character development. The main actors, coming from roles in successful DC and Marvel Studios movies in theaters, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Anthony Mackie, respectively, of course, give a show as a pair of friends that ends up living a virtual romance in the shoes of avatars of a combat game. And the episode still gets exciting, with scenes recorded in São Paulo, when talking about sexuality and relationships, but it fails to delve into several issues, and work its plot in a way that only manages to brush the surface of the problem seen, but that even so, it still has its merits for delivering a certain development to its history without judgments.

The versions of the avatars, the actors Pom Klementieff and Ludi Lin, also seen in superhero films, are fine, but the grace of the episode, literally, is in their dialogues in the voices and thoughts of the characters of Danny (Mackie) and Karl (Abdul-Mateen II). So, the episode, still manages to deal with the question of the importance of certain things for people and relationships, and does, a Hadoken right on the chin of what is expected to be normal in monogamous relationships.

And to end the new year, we have the 5 × 02 – Smithereens that maybe make the episode more Black Mirror the fifth year. Intriguing, gloomy and full of small twists and turns, we have here a story told about the evils of technology in people’s lives, and the consequences that end up affecting the lives of those involved.

As the highlight of the episode, and of the season, the actor Andrew Scott plays a unique, disturbed and layered character, in which the episode slowly works to tell the story of a driver who kidnaps an employee of a large corporation.

Black Mirror, in this second episode, it creates a plot that leaves the viewer anguished to know what will happen, the reasons that lead the boy to do this, and of course, how the whole development of the kidnapping will happen. The late entry of Topher Grace on the plot as an eccentric CEO, just crown Smithereens as the best episode of the new year.