Black Lightning | 3 × 15-16 – The Book of War: Chapter Two & Three: Freedom Ain’t Free / Liberation [Season Finale]

 Black Lightning |  3 × 15-16 - The Book of War: Chapter Two & Three: Freedom Ain't Free / Liberation [Season Finale]

And in its last two episodes, behold, Black Lightning (Black Lightning) makes a connection with his villain and ends a size that has dragged on for a long time, but even so, the series needs to reinvent itself for its 4th year.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

In short, Coveiro is Tyson Sykes, who is the main key for the ASA metahumans, from the United States, created from a gene and who hoped they would replicate and so they could have their super soldiers. The point is that now there are not only these metahumans on this Prime Earth, but also those created by the STAR Labs atomic fuser, but the ASA needs to hide that it did human testing, and that it tried to do that in Freeland.

The two episodes put Jefferson having to deal with the consequences of his actions, putting himself on the front lines to fight his distant relative, as he still has that, he is a relative of Jefferson, as Lynn discovered similarities in his DNAs. I liked their fight and also how Jennifer confronts him, showing him that the black fight is important, while he who didn’t live it, just says that Martin Luther King and Obama were puppets.

Coveiro’s defeat within the ASA while he searches for Odell and more metahumans to take his powers, was due to Lynn nullifying his powers, but of course he would disappear, especially with the shapeshifter powers that he took from Grace.

Speaking of which, Anyssa was going to marry his girlfriend, but she went into a kind of coma after losing control and her transformations and isolating herself in her brain.

Gambi and TC still had to defeat Gray, who went after them to get the suitcase and still delete them, just as Williams killed Jace and went to try to kill Lynn and ended up being killed. The briefcase was an important part of his case to take down Odell and free Freeland from ASA.

Khalil managed to regain control and did not kill Odell, but he felt comfortable, disappearing after handing him over to the Black Lightning.

Lastly Black Lightning it seems to clean up its season from the promised war and superficially delivered it for a completely different season 4. Unfortunately in that game Henderson was killed, so Jefferson lost his friend, and that was due to the request of Damon Gupton to leave the series.