Black Lightning | 3 × 11 – The Book of Markovia: Chapter Two: Lynn’s Addiction

 Black Lightning |  3 × 11 - The Book of Markovia: Chapter Two: Lynn's Addiction

Black Lightning follows his plot against the Markovians and is no longer surprising, even when he brings Lady Eve from the dead, or shows Brandon wanting to become a hero in uniform with Jennifer, even talking about calling himself Geo-Force.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

It is worth remembering that Geo-Force is a hero of Markovia’s DC and that he has powers similar to Brandon’s, you have to wait and see if he enters the series in uniform and everything.

The series in this episode even brought Grace, put Gambi and Lala and discovering that Lady Eve is very lively and ready to attack. I think that of those small details of the episode this was the best …

Now, Gambi, Raio Negro and Tormenta have Odell in front of them and are cornered by the ASA men because Raja saw the Painkiller and was already wanting to know more about Khalil. At least they discover that inside his modified mind, there is still his love, but we cannot know what he will look like if it comes up.

Odell thinks about going to Gotham City, and it will be interesting if the villain shows up for a match against Batwoman …

Lynn continues to have her plot as a Green Light addict to speed up the brain and thus help children trapped in pods. The point is that she begins to discover that Odell and his men are killing these children for not having a cure, she joins Sergeant Grayle to kidnap Tobias, but on the way they end up being caught by the Markovians.

Waiting to see Lynn and Dr. Jace meet.