Black Lightning | 2 × 09 – The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift of the Magi

 Black Lightning |  2 × 09 - The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift of the Magi

The Jennifer and Khalil saga will still continue, but the way Black Lightning (Black Lightning) missed the chance to transform the heroine was very unsalted. The series still has a very teenage appeal and talking about loss would be pretty cool now, especially with Jennifer showing her strength.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Jennifer ends up running out of time to save Khalil, poisoned by Cutter’s knives, and her features end up leaving her father in pursuit, even arriving late. Only cool is her confrontation with Cutter, as she starts to control her powers and see things differently.

Cutter had to take Khalil alive for Tobias and that was the reason for going after the two, only that he ended up being caught off guard and seeing a Jennifer controlling her fears more, at the same time that she starts to throw her anger out. Jennifer arrests Cutter, the torture, uses the woman’s poison against herself to get an antidote. I think if Khalil died, it would be very complicated for her.

Then, with Jennifer saving Khalil and running away again, the series worked harder on Anyssa and Jefferson’s fears, but did not leave out Lynn, who desperately goes after the boy’s father to find out where he could go. Even stealing a gun was a desperate measure of it. His pain at not having news of his daughter is very intense.

In the end, the coolest part ends up being Tobias investing in young Todd, who has an interesting project, but is left out by the investment area of ​​the university, who ends up taking the budget to another boy, who is white and the son of a donor of the institution. Tobias seduces him with money and the easy life, and even when Todd thinks about giving back, the villain always has a card up his sleeve.

Black Lightning (Black Lightning) once again brings an interesting drama to be developed, but Tobias’ actions need to be better shown, as he follows only as a chess player making his moves, while Jefferson follows more in despair than in heroic acts. This desperation made Gambi afraid and made him hold, almost literally, the hero close by.

I want to see which paths the series plans to follow, but we already have new goals walking through the series, like the hired mercenary who has the power to teleport.