Birds of Prey: first (and great) impressions from critics

Birds of Prey: first (and great) impressions from critics

With a discreet debut of Suicide squad in David Ayer, Harlequin is back for another round. After Joaquim Phoenix, what Joker had a great solo production, now it’s the turn of Margot Robbie, again wearing the colorful costume of the villain Harlequin and sharing the canvas with Ewan McGregor, show up in an exclusive film by the comic book character of DC Comics. On paper, the film promises a good dose of humor and action, and some critics have already been able to enjoy the film. Check out the impressions of critics collected by the Journal du Geek:

Birds of Prey: first (and great) impressions from critics

The trailers foreshadowed a funny movie, with challenges and great adventures.

If you like your violence often and a lot of dirty language you’re gonna love #BirdsofPrey

It feels very DEADPOOLish in that way, but then add Chris Messina chewing every piece of scenery in sight !!

– Jason Guerrasio (@JasonGuerrasio) January 29, 2020

Birds of Prey is undeniably fun. Deliciously wicked and delusional, this irreverent turmoil breaks all the rules. Cathy Yan is a genius. Robbie, Smollett, Winstead, Perez and Basque are perfect.

Said Courtney Howard, Variety critic.

Aves de Rapina is a very well produced film, with an original soundtrack. Better than Suicide Squad, especially since we have a rare view of the life of a super villain (as promised in the trailer).

Said Alison Foreman, a reporter for Mashable.

Birds of Prey is a solid breakup movie with a soundtrack that slaps💖

Leagues better than Suicide Squad – in large part because we get a rare glimpse into the rich inner life of a female supervillain (and it actually delivers on what was promised in the trailer.) #BirdsofPrey

– Alison Foreman (@alfaforeman) January 29, 2020

According to critics, who praised the performance of the protagonist, it is not new that Margot Robbie has a great talent. Considered “bright” and “great“, The actress seems to have lived up to the character in the comics. The rest of the cast is also of great prominence, as it promotes large meetings of female characters in the cinema.

It seems that A.D finally managed to get everyone to agree. With Birds of prey and now all we have left is to wait for the film to open in Brazilian cinemas February 5th so we can enjoy this feature that is giving us something to talk about.