Billions | 4 × 11-12 – Lamster / Extreme Sandbox [Season Finale]

 Billions |  4 × 11-12 - Lamster / Extreme Sandbox [Season Finale]

Billions he ended his season with two electrifying episodes, full of twists and turns, but which put Bobby and Chuck back on a war footing, which has everything to make Season 5 even more insane than it is. Seeing the two of them all friendly with each other has made this season warmer, but nothing will be the same as before …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The most interesting point of these two episodes is to understand how far Bobby can go when dealing with an enemy. He had already shown this by making the son of a friend, who was ungrateful, lose everything in the episode “4 × 05 – A Proper Sendoff“It just shows that even Rebecca would be in trouble. If on the one hand we have her running to get a deal with Taylor and thus keep her dream of making Saler’s prosper and she has the store of her dreams, at the same time we see Bobby feeling betrayed.

When Rebecca tries to take over her first meeting at Saler’s, Bobby brings Sanford right off the bat and they both show how they are going to destroy the company just so it all falls on Taylor and she goes bankrupt. Rebecca listens to everything her love has to say, and just keeps all resentment to herself, making it clear that she will never have anything from her again. I can already imagine some twists and turns and Bobby might need Rebecca at some point…

Meanwhile, we have Bryan getting caught up in his own play when he finds himself betrayed by Kate, who saw that he was going too far in his revenge against Chuck. When they broke into Chuck Senior’s safe, he didn’t realize that Hall had already stopped by and installed security cameras inside it. And until the episode “Lamster”Helps to give this idea that“ it was close ”.

Chuck was all over Brian and his face listening to the audio that he shouldn’t have come close to, and so hearing his name, was amazing. I don’t know the paths to be taken, but this runaway was great. Chuck has shown that he has everything around him properly controlled, even though his private life is in shambles.

Wendy no longer sees how it is possible to be with Chuck, so she decides to leave the house when she sees that even her stay on the board was something that Bobby gave her as a gift.

And here we have Bobby and Chuck again having problems with each other. Chuck only sees how Bobby has caused him problems since they decided to join, while Bobby only wants to charge for making the necessary arrangements for Chuck to prosper. So they both feel discomfort because they are working together, only Bobby wants Taylor, and wants her to humble herself by working for him …

Chuck realizes that he will never be far from Bobby if he doesn’t act, so he passes on his mission to Taylor, and she accepts without blinking. Now Taylor and Chuck have an enemy in common: Bobby. Taylor takes his company under Ax Capital, and together go Mafee, Sara, Lauren and Winston, who are greeted with party by Ben, and watched by Wendy.

Billions it ends with Bobby’s satisfaction in having Taylor in his hands, while everything is aimed at him … Anxious to see the new ways of the series and how each one will react to the new problems.