Billions | 4 × 09-10 – American Champion / New Year’s Day

 Billions |  4 × 09-10 - American Champion / New Year's Day

Billions gives us two excellent episodes with a focus more than deserved for Wendy. The character has always been amazing, but in the middle of Chuck and Bobby she ended up getting lost and seeing her running after her redemption is awesome, mainly because she now sees who she can count on.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

In “American Champion”Wendy and Chuck Senior give Chuck an ultimatum, who doesn’t know where to run. He still tries to go after a former member of the medical board, but nothing goes as he expects, and for Wendy he ends up losing a battle. But there is still a Senior at stake, which makes him go after the Secretary of the Treasury and force him to open credit for his father.

The point is that the way he interferes puts Bryan, Kate and the FBI more and more on his trail …

With no way out, what we see is Wendy needing friends to come up with a strategy, and in “New Year’s Day”We see meetings to prepare her for a sabbatical with the council. Interesting moments, but she misses the line a lot and it is Bobby who puts her back on track. And seeing Bobby being so emphatic in knowing the right moment that she won him over, she tries to understand where Chuck came to love her, but he doesn’t remember anything.

Wendy once again sees her relationship shaking and needs to focus on her career, regain control of everything. Her trip to Taylor was a form of change, and Taylor makes it clear that just seeing the despair and fear in her eyes made her take a step back. So Taylor won’t testify on the board, but Wendy will need to focus on what to do.

Bobby always has a bomb in his hand and Taylor knows the wires he must pull very well. If, on the one hand, she attacks Rebecca, she knows where to go and what to do to take power from the hands of Bobby’s new girlfriend, while Mafee loosens crumbs that create a bubble of problems. Seeing Bonnie play the cards and even playing games with Dollar Bill was an incredible thing.

It is interesting to see Taylor growing up next to Sara and even finding a safe haven in her and especially Lauren.

Billions still has a lot to show, but so far it has delivered great episodes and making us curious about the direction the series will take.