Billions | 4 × 07-08 – Infinite Game / Fight Night

 Billions |  4 × 07-08 - Infinite Game / Fight Night

Billions in these two episodes it took some of its personages to the limit. The most interesting thing is that even Chuck and Ax’s fight to dominate everything on their way, ends up leading other characters to have great highlights.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Bobby is so blind that he doesn’t see where he steps. Using even Wendy he does his best to screw Taylor, putting Rebecca on the hook and making the connection between Taylor and her dad just crumble, only Taylor isn’t far behind.

When she sees that her father doesn’t want to know about her, only about the investment, she suffers, but decides to focus on not being passed over by Bobby. So she goes on television and manages to get Bobby out of her. He thought that by moving the chopsticks he would screw Taylor because of her desire to ignore the fracking in the state, he did not know that she bought the largest lot that has water in the region and she manages to leave with more money than she does.

Only there is still Wendy, who is shaken by the situation with Chuck and her family, and while she thinks about selling her home, she closes her friendship with Bonnie, while being confronted by Mafee, who was used to affect Taylor, only she ends up being reported to the council because she used information from her patient to attack her. Wendy is falling apart.

Chuck has interesting moves, he always seems to be winning, but Bryan is always one step ahead of him. The problem is that both of their teams are disappointed with the direction of their departments. I loved Kate and her father’s conversation, and I have no doubt that she will end up rising above Chuck and Bryan by the end of the season.

Chuck sees that Bryan’s aim is in him, but he doesn’t see that there is much more, and the listening he has can be even worse. The conversation with the Secretary of the Treasury and all the involvement with Bobby and still has the problems of his father, which involve land and bribes, which can be even worse.

In “Fight Night” it was interesting to see Mafee and Dollar Bill fighting over Wendy, and even though they tie the fight, it is interesting to see that there is a lot more behind, like Tuk and Ben getting very scared about the direction of things at Ax Capital, mainly with Wendy’s shares.

Hoping for the next episode of Billions.