Billions | 4 × 05 – A Proper Sendoff

 Billions |  4 × 05 - A Proper Sendoff

Billions always brings us a consistent and strong drama, which surprises us with each episode, because Chuck and Bobby are more than unpredictable and that makes the series delightful to follow. The depth given to the characters is something amazing.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

What we look forward to most in this episode is Wendy’s reaction to the fact that everyone knows that she dominates Chuck in bed. At first it is great to see her defending herself, hiding, but the way she absorbs it and turns it into something good, like seeing on the internet women asking even the brand of whip she uses. Another nice point was seeing her understand that Taylor really just wanted to support her, so much so that when she invades her company group, she sees that she was the only one asking others to stop playing.

Now, Chuck seems very convinced of what he is doing. Even if his power is compromised, he manages to turn around and arrest many members of the New York high court, and that brings a victory, but will he be able to save his own father? I always like to see Connerty go after him, and even though it always looks like Chuck is winning, when we least expect it, he watches the FBI watching his father with the big dream and willing to build an enterprise to keep his name.

Mr. Rhoades manipulates and lies, asks for reports that can be compromised, and all of this is a real case for Connerty, who wants to break Chuck at any cost. And just as Rhoades is telling his son of the plans, Connerty and the FBI are watching them.

Now, I loved seeing Bobby following his plan to destroy whoever throws him aside, or gets him into trouble. The way he found himself discarded by a friend’s son, and how he played to learn the truth and see that the boy already considered him useless, was sensational. He designed everything correctly and showed that he goes as far as possible to see who causes him problems, defeated on the ground so he can step on it.

I was afraid of Talor, who does not know what is to come. In the meantime, she is looking for a way to have the money invested in her company, since she lost Andolov. Going after firefighters’ welfare is something that can be seen as a stab at Bobby, but for now it’s not the focus and she can invest in her father’s ideas.

I’m still anxious about what can come with Billions, and we are approaching the middle of the season.