Billions | 4 × 04 – Overton Window

 Billions |  4 × 04 - Overton Window

Not always when we win, we win something, and Chucky learned it in the worst possible way. It is interesting to see how Billions now puts him side by side with Bobby and reinforces a friendship that will bring countless advantages to both, at the same time that comes many problems …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Chucky gradually gained confidence and strengthened his powers, and even his father grew proud, but it is with Bobby that he wins the “awards” to achieve his victory. Only it comes with a price, the exposure of your sex life.

Wendy had made it more than clear to him that if it was necessary it was for him to get away from it all, but not expose them, so he saw there the chance for redemption and gain his power back. She, irritated and destroyed, then fights and puts him down, and I can’t see how she’ll get over it. Wounded and teasing, will she be next to her husband?

And Bobby saw in a most valuable piece of information that he could make a lot of money before a catastrophe without such a size undermined all gas companies. It was delightful to see him and Wags rushing to sell the shares, while getting tight with Taylor’s advances.

Taylor was once again a stone in his heel, but it shouldn’t be for long, since with Chucky winning the prosecution, he froze Andolov’s assets and Bobby had the pleasure of going there and asking him to disappear from his parents. and never mess with him again.

If Taylor loses her biggest investor, at the same time she has a new project on hand that must be interesting, since she will be working with her father.

Even the newcomer to the season, millionaire Rebecca, plays an important role in Bobby’s attitudes, whether in lovemaking or business. I loved the way she put the company’s CEO against the wall.

Billions continues to evolve significantly and it is impossible not to like to see this game forming and hope that the pieces are moved to have a real sense of the consequences.