Big Little Lies | 2 × 03 – The End of the World

 Big Little Lies |  2 × 03 - The End of the World

Life goes on after the storm.

In 2 × 03 – The End Of the World it seems that the more the Monterey Five try to put the past behind them, the more the past moves the present, and shows that certain things do not want to be hidden, however much they try.

For the second year, perhaps, Heavenly and Nicole Kidman have the opportunity to continue to raise and debate difficult questions that go even deeper into the issue of physical and mental abuse that the character lived. We see that a complex and strange relationship with her husband has brought much deeper marks to her, and that they are not visible, even if the character tries to hide it by pulling on the sweater sleeve during the therapy session. Heavenly it seems to live a great stage of denial, where we see, clearly, that the character suffers when detaching from the idea of ​​the present husband, be it in bad times, as in good times. She even claims “Do I need to erase the good parts?”. The final scene of the episode, with the character watching old videos of her husband, shows very well the complexity of their relationship.

Big Little Lies – 2 × 03 – The End of the World

Thus, the relationship of the characters to Perry’s memory, whether Celeste, Jane, or the children and even Mary Louise looks like it will be one of the great themes of the new year. Mary Louise (Meryl Streep remains great) it also seems that she will do anything to keep her son’s memory intact, where the character seeks to get closer to Jane and Iggy at all costs, and does everything to find an answer that is different than the one she already has , and far from the figure that was presented about son, and that we saw during the first season: an aggressive man, with the king in his belly and who was in the right to own the women who pass in his life.

And little by little we see, the rest of the housewives, cracking because of this huge secret, where Big Little Lies seems to build its plot in a delicate, subtle way, but it presents us with these small alerts, even the most silent, with Bonnie, still very introspective, or even with the emotional speech of Madeline in front of the entire college. Here, in the 2 × 03 – The End Of the World we see Renata almost in a nervous breakdown, who has to deal with Amabella’s crises and her husband’s problems. AND Laura Dern, again he steals all the scenes, but also shows that his character seems to enter this spiral of small moments of madness that all of them live, and each in its own way.

Big Little Lies – 2 × 03 – The End of the World

So in 2 × 03 – The End of the World, we see the characters accumulate emotions, and hold all possible feelings, in which we wait, how far they will be able to take all this. The sea may be calm in Monterey at the moment, but nothing prevents it from changing direction at any minute.

Big Little Lies returns with his next episode next Sunday, June 30 on HBO and HBO GO.