Big Little Lies | 2 × 02 – Tell-Tale Hearts

 Big Little Lies |  2 × 02 - Tell-Tale Hearts

Secrets revealed as family becomes the main theme of the bombastic second episode of the new year Big Little Lies.

If anyone had doubts that the series would be able to deliver interesting stories and narrative arcs in its second year, those doubts were washed away by the waves of the rough sea of ​​Monterey City. In 2 × 02 – Tell-Tale Hearts, Big Little Lies not only did it deliver one of its best episodes so far, but it also opened the door to situations and plots that should give a direction for the new season.

Family is sacred. And with those words that we saw this second episode of Big Little Lies appear to be the season of “Bring your mother to the city”, where in addition to Mary Louise (Meryl Streep), that we were introduced in the previous episode, here, we had the arrival of Elizabeth (Crystal Fox), mother of Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz), who comes to deal with her daughter, after her husband calls his mother-in-law because of the destructive behavior that his wife has been showing in recent months. AND Big Little Lies it seems that it will go much deeper into the repercussions and consequences of Perry’s death. The main affected, Bonnie and Celeste (Nicole Kidman), it seems that they will need more time to deal with the feelings of guilt that consume them. The first deals with mood swings, and the second with her conflicting feelings about her husband’s death.

And one of the scenes that the spectators were waiting for, happened right away, and it seemed to literally leave us breathless, where we see but monster performances by Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep, when his characters talk about Perry. In the episode, we see Celeste tell her mother-in-law about the aggressions she suffered from her husband, and soon after, we see Mary Louise refusing to believe that. We see in addition, she also raise questions about the fact that her son raped Jane (Shailene Woodley), and doubt that Ziggy (Iain Armitage) be his son. In addition to this shocking discovery, we see Mary Louis, fitting the pieces about that fateful night, where as we said, in the text of the first episode, Mary Louise only calmly sets up her case against her daughter-in-law and is already much more suspicious than she has been.

Big Little Lies | 2 × 02 – Tell-Tale Hearts – Review

And speaking of shocking discoveries, things did not go easy, too, for the Mackenzies. Madeline (Reese Witherspoon), in addition to discovering that Chole was the one who told Celeste’s children that Ziggy is Perry’s son, he still had to deal with an argument with Ed (Adam Scott) about trust. Thus, the little girl from Monterey still saw her big secret exposed, where her affair with the drama teacher is revealed to her husband by her daughter. Big Little Lies, it shows again, that here lies are not buried for long.

The highlight of the episode is still with the memorable performance of Laura Dern, when the character finds out that her husband was arrested for financial scams, and the couple, of course, saw their money confiscated by the FBI. In “This is my house and i live in it” for “this is my car, you can get down here ”. Renata, perhaps, was a minor character back in the first year, and used as a comic relief, but here, Dern’s acting turns out to be so subtle and impressive, that it just matches the series in an incredibly unique way, and that thankfully, that the character has gained more prominence.

Like this, Big Little Lies made a second electrifying episode, where it looks like things are going to get even more dangerous for Monterey 5, where conflicts insist on surfacing. The eyes, and ears, seem to be increasingly open around women who live in a fragile house of cards, ready to be knocked down by the force called Meryl Streep.

Big Little Lies shows its third episode on June 23.