Big Little Lies | 2 × 01 – What Have They Done?

 Big Little Lies |  2 × 01 - What Have They Done?

Welcome back to Monterey! Big Little Lies, finally, returns for seven new episodes after a first year that was sold as a closed miniseries with a beginning, middle and end. But, we guarantee that BLL there are many more stories to tell, and the return episode 2 × 01 – What Have They Done? makes that very clear.

Don’t worry, the rhythm of the series remains the same, addictive, and almost suffocating. It just seems like we took a long vacation, enjoyed the summer, and now we’re back with a new school year, where Big Little Lies, shows that it will continue to be a series that will address important issues about toxic relationships, trauma, and especially sorority.

Photo: Jennifer Clasen / HBO

Big Little Lies, in her new year, seems to be right to work on the bitter feeling of guilt for the trauma experienced on that fateful night seen at the end of the first season, and to develop how the main characters will deal with and process what they have been through.

David E. Kelley and Liane Moriarty they also return to the front of the scripts, where we follow the same narrative structures seen there in the first season. It is not clear how much time has passed, at least in this first episode, between the death of Perry (Alexander Skarsgård) and the beginning of the school year, start for the season. So, we see a period of a few months, maybe three, of events not shown, where the series returns to work with flashbacks of post-accident investigation, while we see the Monterey ladies back on the job.

And, apparently, we see each one of them, seem to deal with events in a different and unique way. Madeline (Reese Witherspoon, always very good, but here a tone above that seen in the first year, almost shrill and oh there Elle Woods) again marking the territory to be the perfect-mother-of-the-year and discounting everything in cookies; Heavenly (Nicole Kidman masterfully the great highlight) with problems sleeping due to the death of the husband and the arrival of the mother-in-law; Jane (Shailene Woodley) trying to get on with his son, and Renata (Laura Dern, fantastic) that still has its head a little over the moon world. And, perhaps, the most dramatic side of the new year, stay with Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz, with the opportunity to have more prominence) that needs to deal with the trauma of the events of the end of the season.

The series’ script focuses on the first episode of telling how the characters try to stay healthy, even if in a subtle way, gives the characters to us, kind of embarking on a spiral of uncontrolled situations, and showing the feeling of denial of what happened. The return of Big Little Lies makes a big pressure cooker explode every minute.

Photo: Jennifer Clasen / HBO

And, of course, along with all this, we have the figure of Mary Louise (Meryl Streep who steals all the scenes, and makes the episode his big Emmy Tape) that arrives to shake the structures of the group that is known as the Monterey Five. Mary Louise it looks like he’s going to be the big joker character of the new year, the one to keep an eye on all the time. Seeing Streep on the scene is pleasant, it is to follow the performance of the veteran actress, who here works as a great magnet, where she plays a complex, observant character and seems to be in the city just to assimilate everything and everyone around her, just waiting to play your card. Streep is a great addition to the new season, where the scenes that the actress does with Witherspoon throughout the episode, are the highlight, complementing interesting, uncomfortable and marked by unsurpassed sophistication.

Like this, Big Little Lies it returns sharper than ever, with a completely wonderful soundtrack, and it looks like it will leave the viewer on the edge of the couch dealing with the consequences of the end of the first year in a still shocking, thought-provoking, and of course contagious way.

Big Little Lies returns on June 9 on HBO and HBO Go.

We saw the episode at the invitation of HBO.