Big Baby, by Charles Burns, arrives at DarkSide Books in April

Big Baby, by Charles Burns, arrives at DarkSide Books in April

From the creator of the classic Black Hole, a DarkSide Books proudly presents another masterpiece of modern horror in the master’s comics Charles Burns. Big Baby brings together four stories of the title character, nicknamed Tony Delmonte, a fan of the classic horror comics, pulp magazines and B films and a typical young man from the American suburbs of the 1980s.

The four stories – written and drawn between 1983 and 1992 and published in the magazine RAW, in Art Spiegelman (author of Bad) and Françoise Molly, in weekly newspapers in a serialized way and later in a book by Kitchen Sink Press – were collected for the first time in a book by the North American publisher Fantagraphics in 1999 and finally arrive in Brazil.

In “The Curse of the Moles”, Big Baby and his childlike curiosity are the starting point for a story that involves a husband suspicious of his faithful wife and mole men who hold people captive in an underground prison in the neighbor’s yard. “Juvenile Plague”Can be read as a preamble to Black Hole and their infected young people, in a world around potential bizarre and alien beings.

Blood Club”Takes place at a summer camp, the perfect and usual setting for ghost stories and intrigues among teenagers who need to prove they are able to join the club. As in his best moments, Burns investigates the dramas, pains and delights of maturing and acceptance in one of the most troubled periods in anyone’s life.

The surgical precision of Burns’ stroke adds an ominous coolness to his peculiar sense of humor. Along with his affective connection with the culture of horror in vogue in the 1950s and 1960s, something constant in his work, Big Baby yet another brilliant narrative that masterfully captures the discomfort and fear of adolescence in the late twentieth century.


Title: Big Baby
Author: Charles Burns
Publishing company: DarkSide Books
Pages: 112
Format: 16 x 23 cm