Bhaskar returns with nature project linked to nature, ‘Follow The Sun’

Bhaskar returns with nature project linked to nature, ‘Follow The Sun’

After debuting , Bhaskar returns with the second episode of his new nature project. This time, the location is a little different and, let’s say more “wet”, and it will be revealed only with the sunrise during the transmission itself, thus maintaining the surprise factor, which is one of the objectives of the project. The next edition happens in this Saturday, day June 27, at 11:59 pm, through the YouTube of the artist.


The first episode of took place on May 23, near the JK Bridge on Lake Paranoá, in Brasília. Its success reached over 73 thousand views and 5,400 simultaneous viewers, and can be seen below.

The project goes much further than simply transmitting sets with electronic music. As the DJ and producer explains:

“The title comes from the meaning of my own name, which means“ God of the Sun ”in Hindi, a popular language in India. With a conscious capture model and respecting nature, the chosen places are waterfalls, viewpoints, forests and beaches, with a special connection with nature and valuing the world in which we live. The project is also charitable, with collections that will be used for socio-environmental projects ”. “The idea is to always do a long set, dawn with the crowd, and with the sunlight people will be able to see where I am playing, always in a new and surprising place”, he adds.

As a way of manifesting and expressing the moment we live in and curating music that is pleasing to any ear, praising an impeccable audiovisual production to demonstrate this feeling, the broadcasts will always take place during the night, recording the incredible sunrises that nature has given us. gift.

Don’t miss the second episode of , this Saturday, June 27th, at 11:59 pm, clicking here.