BGS 2019 | Gravity Heroes returns with improvements in their battles

 BGS 2019 |  Gravity Heroes returns with improvements in their battles

Featured in last BGS, the studio Studica Solution brings back its gravitational battle game Gravity Heroes to present improvements in your gameplay. The game can be tested on Avenida Indie da Brazil Game Show 2019.

BGS 2018 | Gravity manipulation battle with Gravity Heroes

The game, which was expected for the second half of 2019, was postponed to 2020 in the search to improve its gameplay, history and graphics. In the demo it is possible to check the improvement of the multiplayer mode, in addition to being able to see a new map, which was added for the BIG Festival 2019, and a new boss.

The people at Studica Solution also got support from Ancine that took the game to the BIG Festival 2019.

Gravity Heroes it brings men and synthetics who came from a war and because of an agreement between their leaders, peace was signed. After years, groups of synthetics start to cause an uproar in some places on the planet, which causes the group of heroes Gravity Heroes to be activated to neutralize and see what causes the revolt.

Synthetics are robots, or intelligent systems, capable of producing and living together.

In Gravity Heroes there are Campaign, Co-Op and Versus modes.

Previously the game was only intended for Steam, but there is already work to develop versions for Playstation 4 and Xbox one.

You can test the game on Steam through this link.