BGS 2019 | Cube Man brings challenges and fun

 BGS 2019 |  Cube Man brings challenges and fun

THE Indie Avenue gives BGS 2019 returns this year bringing good news and one of them is the fun and full of challenges Cube Man, of the small Brazilian Vortex Games.

Developed and disseminated by Lucas Borgato, Matt Borgato and Diego de Araújo, the game is a survival adventure, where the faster you go through the level, the more stars you get. The challenge is really to get the humanoid cube through the traps quickly and free your other trapped friends.

With 1 and a half years of production, talking to the people in charge of the game, they highlight the difficulty in national production and the lack of support, since it is necessary to reconcile work outside the company and development, which makes the process time-consuming, interesting and even more profitable for large companies.

But there are the current facilities, mainly due to the ease of the process of sending games to Steam, Microsoft or Sony. The development kits helped this process a lot and the developer Borgato still comments that the submission is rigorous, and encouraging at the same time, that there is validation of the code, scenarios and everything.

Going back to Cube Man, the game shows the character, who is a cube, and his race against time to save his friends. With each new world he acquires new skills, such as freezing time, stealth, speed, among others.

In total there will be 6 worlds with 15 levels each where at the end there will be a big boss. At the moment there is a need for some refinements, but the gameplay is very simple and easy to assimilate, only the best thing is that the fun is guaranteed.

There is currently a free demo on Steam. (

Cube Man is expected to launch in 2020 for PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.