BGS 2019 | Castlevania and Metroid in indie The Grand Conjuration

 BGS 2019 |  Castlevania and Metroid in indie The Grand Conjuration

THE Indie Avenue gives BGS 2019 brought an adventure game in the best style Metroid and Castlevania in NES. The Grand Conjuration, from the small Brazilian company 12 Studio with Felipe Graeff.

In the best 8-bit style, The Grand Conjuration has simple gameplay, an interesting story and promises to embark on an adventure full of magic through the Victorian era.

In The Grand Conjuration you play as Marie, a witch who needs to search some cities for 5 wizards who stole parts of a dangerous artifact.

In the story an evil wizard was defeated by some wizards who created a society to protect the world. But this wizard had his power divided into 4 relics that were stolen by 5 traitorous magicians, and that’s where Marie comes in.

During the game you go through the cities and acquire skills to overcome the obstacles in your path. Among them there is the possibility of transformation, like that of a rabbit to pass through small places, and each of these transformations has specific powers.

THE 12 Studio, from Cascavel in Paraná, seeks to launch the game on Steam in 2020. As with other representatives of Brazilian indie game companies, Graeff points out that his incentive is “taste and dedication for games“, He points out that there are studios with investments even from abroad and for him to develop The Grand Conjuration he has to reconcile work in the studio and in other areas to earn the money, as game development ends up being a side job.