BGS 2019 | Birdy Studio brings the mobile The Kingdoms of Avalae

 BGS 2019 |  Birdy Studio brings the mobile The Kingdoms of Avalae

The Brazilian Birdy Studio, from São Paulo, took to the Indie Avenue gives BGS 2019 the RPG and card strategy game The Kingdoms of Avalae – Ammadie Saga. The game has on its website a book with the first 3 chapters, in addition there is a request for support for the development of the same.

The book of The Kingdoms of Avalae it’s just over a year old and the game has been in development at the studio since January. When talking to them at the booth, they point out that the coolest thing about the indie community is the support between them, with no aggressive competition.

Source: Birdy Studio

A choice of the game’s producers is to make the click on the mobile screen very evident, to assist the player, in the demo shown at the fair it was emphasized that the graph presented is not yet the end, as they really needed further refinement.

The game has battle mode, where you need to protect yourself and for that you use spell cards, which form countless combinations, in the style Plants vs. Zombie, and the journey, which even with a pre-established script, keeps the player free to explore the map.

Source: Birdy Studio

Birdy Studios’ intention is to make a small game, so much so that the demo has 120mb to be downloaded for both Android and iOS. In total, the Birdy Studios team has 10 people focused on The Kingdoms of Avalae, with 4 developers, more illustrators, videomaker, marketing, among others.

The Kingdoms of Avalae – Ammadie Saga is expected to launch in 2020.