BGS 2019 | Avenida Indie was a separate show

 BGS 2019 |  Avenida Indie was a separate show

THE Brazil Game Show 2019 in terms of Indies it always surprises us and brings to our knowledge a lot of interesting things, and this year was no different.

With games for all tastes and ages, the Indie Avenue, sponsored by Bank of Brazil, came full of games in the most different stages of production, showing the potential and creativity of Brazilian indie developers.

Magnolia: Chronicles Of The Nexus gives Bloody Moon Game Studio (Photograph: @Diesel_PQ )

Talking to some of the developers, I could see that one of the biggest problems pointed out is that in Brazil the financing and the incentive for them to carry out their projects is very complicated. But the winds are changing and little by little initiatives are beginning to appear with the aim of helping these small developers to turn their dreams into reality and thus take their games off the ground.

Another point on which many of them agree is that the production of games in our country is something that requires a lot of persistence and love, since it is something laborious, tortuous and somewhat frustrating, but that rewards you in seeing your game finished and being played by adults and children is extremely rewarding.

The studios and developers who were at Indie Avenue gives Brazil Game Show 2019 this year they are from various parts of Brazil, which shows that the potential for the emergence of good games is all over the country, “from Oiapoque to Chuí”.

Among the participating developers we had: 12 Studios; Ancestral Robot; Behold Studios; Betagames Group; Biotec – Gamer Studios; Birdy Studio; BloodyMoon; Brother Hood; Dead Inside Studio; Entertains Games; Double Hit Games; Dark Phoenyx Studio; Finalboss; Inn Hell; JF Games | R8 Games; Myridian Entertainment; Oktagon Games; Pink Array; Our Life on Mars INXF; Sebrae RN / Pong – Potiguar Indie Games; Seize Studios; SOFTWARE WA; Studica Solution; The Game | Culture App; The Light of the Darkness Fourth World; Toy Box Lab; United Games; Vortex Games and Yang Studios.

171 gives Betagames Group (Photograph: @Diesel_PQ )

And at each booth you saw the love and sparkle in the eyes of the developers and representatives as they presented their games to each visitor who approached. Making it clear that even with the adversities and limitations that they all encounter in their daily lives, everything can be overcome, thus showing the strength and determination of each of them, and the reason why we should value the developers of Brazilian indies games.

And during the days that I visited the event I also noticed the large volume of people passing by Indie Avenue and getting excited about games that they had no idea existed, and having fun while trying and playing each of the games.

And even the great Hidetaka Miyazaki, current president of From Software, and who was involved in the development of games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, made sure to stop by each indie booth to get to know each game, in addition to offering words of encouragement to the developers.

The game people Apostasy Shadow Eras and John Romero (photo: @BetsySE )

Besides him, they also passed by Avenida Indie John Romero, the guy who is a friendly person and responsible for games like Doom, Wolfenstein 3d, Quake, and Yoshinori Ono who is always accompanied by his doll from Blanka and that naughty smile on his face.

Anthropomachy gives Toy Box Lab

It is worth mentioning that another thing that is always cool in the indie area is that you can chat with the developers, give feedback on what you think of the game and have more time to try the games than you have at other stands at the event.

And there were so many cool games that were present at the event. Games like The Path of Calydra gives FinalBoss, The Light of The Darkness gives Fourth World, Psikodelya gives Infinity Green, Space Bomb gives Fun Games, Out of Space gives Behold Studios, Myridian: The Last Stand gives Myridian Entertainment, Pacer gives R8 Games and so many others that I intend to keep an eye on.

And it is evident that there are better games than the others, but it is a fact that the market is large and there are the most different types of niche. A game that may not appeal to you, may please someone else. A game that someone considers bad, for you can be extremely fun. The variety is what makes the difference in the indies.

For this reason, I admire the adequate incentive for these professionals, developers, small, medium or already consolidated in the Brazilian indie market. A market eager for news and which should continue to grow in the coming years.

Dolmen gives Massive Work Studio

Marcelo Tavares, CEO of Brasil Game Show, in a closed event the press emphasized that it has been seeking to implement improvements and offer each new BGS, a decent environment and space for all indie developers participating in the event.

And to guarantee an incentive to the participants, during the BGS 2019, there was an award for the best independent game, which was chosen by the visitors of the event.

The three indie developers most voted by visitors took letters of credit with varying amounts so that they can purchase equipment and materials necessary for the production of their games.

The contest was exclusive to the studios participating in the 12th edition of BGS and the winners were:

1st Place: RIO – Raised in Oblivion / First Phoenix

2nd Place: Eternal Hope / Double Hit Games

3rd Place: 171 / Betagames Group.

As for BGS Jam, who won the award was the staff of Blackhole Studio with the game The Valiant Warrior. They took R $ 6,000.00 offered as a prize by Bank of Brazil and break will be able to intern for a month in Skullfish Studio.

If you plan to go to Brasil Game Show in 2020, do not miss the opportunity to pass and visit Avenida Indie, I guarantee you will not regret it.