BGS 2019 | At the AORUS booth I met my new monitor

 BGS 2019 |  At the AORUS booth I met my new monitor

During my wanderings Brazil Game Show 2019, visiting booths and wanting to see a lot of cool things displayed in so many of them, I entered the booth at AORUS which once again brought several news and activities for visitors to the BGS enjoy.

And while watching the people playing and walking around, I came across my newest consumer dream: the AORUS AD27QD gives GIGABYTE.

THE AORUS AD27QD is a differentiated monitor that offers an advantage for professional or amateur players, whether in shooting games or any other genre.


According to Thiago, Marketing Manager at AORUS GIGABYTE, who was responsible for introducing me and offering more information about the monitor, the AORUS AD27QD is the world’s first gamer tactical monitor and its goal is to serve as a tool for players who play first person shooter games and need a quick response (1ms) to ensure that accurate headshot at the same time as the tactical factor, offers a competitive advantage, since the monitor has exclusive resources to help ensure victory.

Now your hardware information will always be there on the screen.

Among the functions and features I can mention the sight stabilizer which, being something native to the monitor, cannot be considered a cheat, the muffling of noise that will ensure that your teammates can hear you without extra noise, information from your hardware directly on the screen and natively, flicker free function, black equalizer and a handful of innovations that I could barely keep up with as he spoke.

THE AORUS AD27QD features 27 inches, 2560 × 1440 px resolution, 144hz refresh rate, 10Bits IPS color technology and an HDR display that makes colors much more vivid and faithful, in addition to being compatible with FreeSync and G-sync. So say goodbye to choking and tearing!

Create your own environment with the RGB LED system.

As for the design, even though I’m more of a “little black” monitor vibe, I felt compelled to say how beautiful the AD27QD can be. The lines on the back of the monitor are very reminiscent of a hawk’s eyes looking at its prey, and even have configurable RGB LED lights for those who like to add a personal touch.

The AD27QD was developed to allow a freedom of adjustments regarding the angle of the screen.

Another feature that I liked was that the monitor has considerable robustness and its support allows you a lot of freedom to leave the monitor the way you prefer. THE AD27QD it also has 2 HDMI 2.0 inputs, Display port 1.2 input, 2 USB’s inputs, input for headphones and microphone and an internal source to ensure a cleaner setup.

And if you were interested in AORUS AD27QD, know that it is already available in the Brazilian market with an average price of R $ 4 thousand.

if you are looking for a smaller version, know that there are other variations of tactical monitor of the line AORUS.

And just to clarify that there are smaller models, with 25 inches, and variants of 144 Hz and 240 Hz or models aimed at MOBAS, which have a frequency of 240 Hz and curved screen. If you want more details and information about it, just access the official page through this link.

And after so much information and desire to have more money in the account to be able to buy a AORUS AD27QD to call mine, I was surprised by another brand new feature, the SSD AORUS NVMe Gen 4.

The remarkable little big.

THE SSD AORUS NVMe Gen 4 takes advantage of PCIe 4.0 technology, available on the latest motherboards and processors, to deliver up to a 40% increase in the transmission rate of information when compared to previous technologies, which would give something close to a reading speed of 5,000 MB /s. Exactly, wow!

And precisely because it offers all this power, it needed to receive a coating capable of dissipating heat and thus guaranteeing its perfect functioning.

THE SSD AORUS NVMe Gen 4 can now be found in specialized stores across Brazil, in versions of 512 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB of space, with prices starting at R $ 799.00. And for more information visit this link.

I even asked if I couldn’t win a free gift, he laughed and amended a polite “No”. Asking doesn’t take away, does it ?!