Beauty – All about the Disney princess from ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Beauty – All about the Disney princess from ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Nice is the princess from the movie , which was released by Disney in 1991, and was inspired by the eponymous French fairy tale. The protagonist of the feature exceeds expectations, since it differs from the usual princess behavior. Therefore, Bela is a young book lover, determined and courageous.

In the story, when her father is imprisoned in the Beast’s castle, the girl suggests to the owner that he release his father and, in exchange, Bela herself would take his place. Reluctantly, the Beast accepts and, thus, the whole plot develops.

Regarding the film, it was a box office success, surpassing the 100 million dollar mark. In addition, the animation that makes up the Renaissance Era was the first of the Disney studios to compete for the Oscar for ‘Best Picture’, in addition to having won the Golden Globe for ‘Best Musical or Comedy Movie’.

In 2017, the animation even got a live-action version, starring Emma Watson – as the princess – and Dan Stevens – as the Beast. The success was such that the film reached gross revenue of $ 1.264 billion.

Bela and the beginning of a new generation of princesses

Bela was, without a doubt, the main precursor of the current model of Disney princesses. If the princesses who waited for the prince charming were adored before, now those who fight for their ideals are loved and do not need anyone to solve the problems that arise.

Some of the examples of this new model are the princesses Jasmine (), Pocahontas, Mulan, Merida () and Elsa and Ana (Frozen). Therefore, they show their strength and courage in the face of situations.

Beauty’s Appearance

Bela is a 17 year old girl who calls the attention of the villagers for being extremely beautiful. She has long brown hair, but she always has it partially stuck, and her eyes are the same color as the strands.

Regarding clothing, the protagonist varies according to the moment. Her usual dress is blue and was specially designed by the film’s designers. The idea was for the young woman to stand out among other citizens, since the latter always use more rustic and earthy colors. However, the greatest attention is turned to the golden yellow dress, which is used in Bela’s first dance with the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast Dress

Although her beauty stands out, the neighbors point out that the girl is strange and peculiar, since she is always accompanied by a book. Unlike the others, and especially Gaston, Bela doesn’t notice her appearance, showing from the beginning that she doesn’t care if something is ugly or beautiful.

The history of the film

After her mother’s death, Bela is raised by her father Maurice, an inventor. They live in a village in France and are not like other people there. Maurice is always creating something new and revolutionary and Bela, in turn, is a full-time reader, hardly ever leaving a book aside.

On one of the trips, Maurice asks Bela what he wants as a gift and, with his simplicity, the protagonist asks him to give her only a red rose. Thus, when passing through a gigantic castle, the inventor seeks his daughter’s wish.

The castle in question is enchanted, including its owner, who was once a prince. After years of ingratitude and rebellion, a witch asks him for a spell, which turns him into a monster. Besides him, his employees also change, becoming objects of the real environment itself.

When Maurice sees the flower his daughter would like, he ends up becoming a prisoner of the Beast – since he had chosen the most beautiful rose in the place, the Beast’s rose. Knowing this, Bela is nervous about her father’s delay and leaves in search of him. Upon meeting him at the castle, he suggests to the monster that she take her father’s place as a prisoner. Not very happy with the situation, the Beast ended up accepting it.

In the meantime at the castle, Bela befriends magical objects, mainly Lumière – butler turned chandelier -, Horloge – chief butler turned into a clock -, Madame Samovar – housekeeper turned into a teapot – and Zip – son of Madame Samovar who was transformed into a cup.

beauty and the Beast

Over time, both Beauty and the Beast begin to develop feelings for each other. Even so, the young woman misses her dear father, which touches the Beast and makes him show her, through a magic mirror, how the inventor is doing. Outraged by the situation of her father, who is imprisoned because the citizens do not believe his stories about the Beast, Bela asks the monster to go and help him. In this scenario, the creature allows the princess to return to her home, and gives her the mirror so she doesn’t forget it.

Upon her return, Bela confirms to the citizens that the monster really exists, but denies the creature’s violence. Unhappy with the young woman’s sentiment, the citizens decide to go to the castle to kill the Beast, under the leadership of Gaston – the heartthrob of the village who wanted to marry Bela.

So they go after the monster. Both the Beast and the magic objects fight the invaders, and Bela arrives in time to find the owner in his last moments of life. Extremely injured, the monster is about to die – as its rose already shows. Faced with the circumstance, Bela declares that she loves the Beast, despite her appearance. With that, the creature survives and the magic is broken. So, at the end of the film, Beauty and the Beast get married and live happily ever after, as Disney says.