BBB20 winner, Thelma charges R $ 65 thousand per ad


The BBB20 champion, Thelma Assis, is already earning much more than the R $ 1.5 million it received with a reality show award. Thelminha is charging R $ 65,000 for publiposts made on her Instagram account.


After earning R $ 1.5 million at BBB20, Thelma charges R $ 65 thousand per publipost

Thelma’s disclosure package includes a post in the feed and others in the stories. The ex-BBB already accumulates 5.5 million followers in the social network. But the doctor is not taking care of everything alone: ​​the BBB20 winner signed a contract with the Mynd agency, which has Preta Gil as a partner, and the company started to take care of its advertising works.

A month before Thelma won the reality show, her husband and Preta Gil were talking about a possible partnership between the agency and the BBB participant, something that was accomplished after the end of the TV Globo program.

But it’s not for less! After leaving confinement, Thelma acquired contact with several famous personalities in Brazil such as the singer Iza, Taís Araujo, Bruno Gagliasso, and of course, Preta Gil.

I just spoke to Iza. We want to be friends, we have many things in common, we will schedule a samba round when all this is over (the coronavirus pandemic), and we will see what this mixture will do. Pretinha Gil is helping me a lot, we are in contact all the time.

Thelma said in an interview that followed 40 hours after her BBB20 award.

When the doctor entered the reality show, she had about 1,100 followers on Instagram. Today, Thelma accumulates another 5.5 million followers on the social network.

I also spoke to Taís Araujo… Wow, Bruno Gagliasso wrote a beautiful text that I want to thank, but I don’t intend to do anything in a hurry. I still have a whirlwind of feelings, I want to sit down and, little by little, reciprocate from “more popcorn” to “more cabin”.

Said Thelminha.