BBB20: The importance of the presence of social causes

BBB20: The importance of the presence of social causes

THE Big Brother Brazil it reached its 20th edition and the production went to great lengths to make the reality show a success. In addition to the usual anonymous, this year are participating athletes, singers, actors and digital influencers, with two new participants who entered after the first two eliminations.

The first 18 members of the 20th edition of Big Brother Brasil.

At the beginning of the program, a formed group drew attention. Lucas, Pétrix, Hadson, Prior, Guilherme and Chumbo, have already been showing their faces with the macho lines that they constantly emitted. They, who even came up with a plan to get involved with the committed girls to burn them with the public and were discovered by them.

Thus, the girls started to give visibility to the struggle of feminism that occurs here outside and was also being needed inside the house, causing a good repercussion outside of reality. This also gave Marcela, one of the most engaged in the fight against the machismo of the house, a temporary favoritism for the public to come to identify with this fight that also occurs here abroad.

As the weeks went by, the women’s movement gained strength and this was shown in practice. After all, after nine eliminations, Bianca, known as Boca Rosa, was the only woman eliminated, still one of the few who remained close to the main targets.

The attitudes that the participants have been taking in this edition have been very important to show viewers that sexist attitudes should not be accepted and that the fight for respect must be everyone’s fight.

The female participants come together to confront Hadson for his sexist attitudes.

In parallel to all this, Babu Santana, black and the oldest in the program, never managed to fit into any of the groups that formed and spent a good part of his time being responsible for the kitchen. Often losing patience with the immaturity and irresponsibility of other participants, he came to be judged as monstrous and violent, even though he never showed signs of aggression.

The racism committed by the other members has become more and more explicit on other occasions over the weeks. Like when Daniel said he couldn’t see the image of Babu no Vip – group of people, selected by the leader, who enjoys better food at meals. Or when Marcela said she would consider taking him to the VIP to clean up the kitchen, laughing, and in the joke where they were imagining as if the program was a school, and she said that Babu would be the owner of the canteen, while saying that he would be the teacher.

The various occurrences, each time more recurrent, were causing the public to be moved and to embrace Babu, who today has the support of several celebrities such as Gabigol, Flamengo striker, and Anitta, pop singer, for example.

In fact, this support can be seen in the fact that the actor returned from all 4 walls he played, even one of them against one of the program’s favorites that ended up being eliminated, Pyong Lee.

Babu, displaced, cries in the kitchen.

However, Babu was not the only victim of racism within the most watched house in Brazil. Thelma, a black woman and a doctor, has also suffered from some attitudes of other members of the reality, whether with explicit or indirect actions. Soon after a heated discussion, member Lucas Gallina implied that she only shouted and cursed him for “not having a cradle”, which made the public angry on social media.

In addition, after winning a resistance race of more than 26 hours after Mari’s withdrawal, which remained as long as possible, Thelma saw her victory being undermined by it, which hinted to other participants that she had let her win.

The problem is that, inside the house, racism has not been combated as it should, differently from the attitudes that have existed against machismo. This is because, structurally, racism occurs in a more sneaky and veiled way, while machismo has been more perceived by people, who have been more engaged in this fight.

Only Babu and Thelma know the difficulties and the contempt they experience, making them make a pact to only vote with each other in extreme situations, “for something that is bigger than them”, as they said.

Thelma and Babu unite in the fight against racism.