BBB20: Review the controversial trajectory of Flayslane in the program

BBB20: Review the controversial trajectory of Flayslane in the program

On the night of last Sunday (12), the singer Flayslane Silva was the 13th eliminated from the Big Brother Brazil (BBB), with 63% of the votes. During confinement, the participant accumulated several controversial attitudes that led to discussions and even memes (many, by the way). Check out what Flay did in the program’s 20th edition.

Drank pool water

flayslane bbb20

Flay’s first controversial act was in the early days at the house. She simply swallowed water from the pool for no reason and, on top of that, invited other brothers to do the same. Marcela and Hadson criticized this crazy moment of sister a lot.

Exaggerated drinks

mari and flay bbb20

During the party of leader Rafa, whose theme was “Festa Junina”, Flay exaggerated the drink and fell into the fourth heaven. Mari, with the intention of helping her sister, picked her up and said that the singer would be fine and then started a prayer.

What both had no idea is that this moment became known, in the world of memes, as “the wake of Flayslane”, because it resembles the ritual of watching over a person. This “wake” was repeated at other parties and for the same reason: the unrestrained consumption of alcohol.

He peed on the living room carpet

controversial flayslane

Flay’s fuse, without a doubt, was the act of urinating on the living room carpet, after the theme party “Thousand and One Nights”. After the production closed the party garden, the visibly drunk Paraiba peed on the living room floor.

The circumstance left the house in a rage and Mari, Flay’s main gambling partner, did not spare the scolding for her sister’s inappropriate behavior. Following, the singer threw herself on the floor so as not to be taken to the bathroom by Ivy and Mari. As a result, production penalized it with the loss of 300 shipyards.

Finally, in a way, despite the fact that Flay crossed a little bit of limits and did not keep the R $ 1.5 million, she gained the projection she wanted in her singing career. Her songs in partnership with Mara are successful, moreover, after leaving reality, the singer has already received an invitation to sing a song together with Priscilla Alcântara.