BBB20: Pyong accused of blackmail by flight attendant

BBB20: Pyong accused of blackmail by flight attendant

Pyong Lee, participant of BBB20, is accused of blackmail by flight attendant after controversy at the program’s party.

The youtuber was one of the ones loved by the viewers, but, due to the influencer’s attitudes at the Saturday party (8), some opinions became contrary to the brother.


After being accused of harassing sisters on the reality show, a new charge arises against Pyong. Now, flight attendant Débora Welker denounces the actions of the famous on her social networks.

According to her, she stayed with Lee and was blackmailed shortly thereafter. In addition, the steward adds that she stayed with him without knowing that he had a girlfriend and that he met him again when he started dating a friend of his brother.

I asked him not to tell his friend that we had already stayed, since there was nothing much. Then he said: ‘Yes, I will not speak, but you will have to continue to stay with me’. He blackmailed me to keep going out with him.

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Then, the flight attendant continued to comment on Lee’s character in her sequence of recorded Instagram stories.

In light of this, Leo Dias’ column interviewed Welker exclusively and revealed that other girls had vented with the commissioner about Pyong’s dubious behaviors.

In defense of the youtuber, his press office spoke up, claiming that “this episode is not consistent with the personality and character” of the influencer. More than that, the advisory adds that it will investigate this case with the family and people close to Pyong Lee.