BBB20: Everything that can happen in today’s program

BBB20: Everything that can happen in today’s program

The episode of Big Brother Brazil that airs today (04) promises to give something to talk about. The expected wall between the participants Petrix Barbosa, Hadson, Badu and Pyong and the decision on what will be two new participants entering the house but guarded in Brazil are some of the events expected from the program.

Understand everything that is happening in the BBB 20 and what can be expected from today’s episode.

‘Plan’ against women was denied by Hadson

Lucas and Petrix

The participants Hadson, Petrix and Lucas created the ‘planto “burn” the committed girls in the house, for seducing them. They went so far as to say that their respective girlfriends out here would forgive that attitude, because “that would be the only way to win”.


When this plan came to the attention of girls through Marcela, they decided to take satisfaction from the boys, who promptly denied it. Hadson said there was no plan:.

Bianca Andrade (Boca Rosa) sided with Hadson and loses 200 thousand followers

When Bianca Andrade (Pink mouth) learned from Marcela about the boys’ plan, she didn’t believe it and preferred to side with Hadson.

I want to see his side (Hadson). It’s not possible, do you think he’s being fake? I do not think! You had to see the racket they made, Bill. “Oh, girl power, come on girls”. I said: “Guys, what is this? Film?” I am reality! They said he is a sexist and I don’t know what… it is very serious to say that!

Said Boca Rosa in conversation with brother Guilherme.

Bianca’s positioning didn’t go well outside the house. The hashtag #ForaBocaRosa is among the most talked about subjects on Twitter. In addition, Boca Rosa has already lost 200,000 followers after the episode. Bianca entered the house with 9 million and 300 thousand followers. The number dropped to 9 million and 100 thousand.


BBB 20 glass house

glass house bbb20

Four possible new Big Brother Brasil participants are confined to one ‘Glass House‘at Via Parque Shopping, Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro. Today, after the elimination of the ‘Quadruple Wall’, two new participants will enter the BBB 20.

Caon, Daniel, Ivy and Renata are in contention for two of the reality slots. During the candidates’ stay at the ‘Casa de Vidro’, many people took signs with information to be passed on to the confined participants.

Most of the posters are about Marcela telling the truth about the plan of men against women. Igor Carvalho also made a poster accepting the dating request that the singer Manu Gavassi did from inside the house.

Nice he even visited the ‘Casa de Vidro’ giving instructions to the candidates. The director told them to use the information they are receiving from the posters wisely. However, it did not prohibit them from being passed on to others.


Police urge Petrix to testify outside the program

petrix harassment

The participant Petrix will have to leave the program after being accused of harassment. According to a statement sent to Hugogloss by Civil police, the Special Police Station for Women (DEAM), in Jacarepaguá, delivered on Monday (03), in the legal department of TV Globo, a subpoena to listen to the participant.

Petrix Barbosa has until Friday (07) to leave the program in order to give testimony. If Petrix leave in today’s program (04), you will have to testify right after the elimination.