BBB20: Check out controversies about the participants of the next Big Brother

The 18 BBB20 participants announced on Saturday (18) - Photo: Disclosure / Globo

THE Globe finally disclosed who the participants of the BBB20 and divided them into two categories, being “popcorn“, Composed of random participants and not much fame, but who dream of winning the 1.5 million prize, and“cabin“, Composed of famous people and already recognized on the web.

The 18 BBB20 participants announced on Saturday (18) - Photo: Disclosure / Globo


What all 18 participants have in common is that none of them escapes controversy. Check out who are the participants of the Big Brother Brazil 2020 and what you didn’t know about them:

BBB20 box: What you didn’t know about them

Pyong Lee

The youtuber Pyong Lee will be a father while you are confined! Your wife, Sammy Lee is about to give birth and Pyong will meet his son, Jake, just 3 months after his birth, when he leaves confinement. The youtuber made a video on his channel explaining why he accepted to participate in the reality show:

Several people were asked why Pyong Lee left his pregnant wife to go to the BBB20, but his wife, Sammy Lee, seems at peace with the decision.

Does a woman need a man to give birth now? I see so many women who raise their children alone because their father abandoned them, I didn’t want to assume… Since when does a woman need a man to do something? What are 3 months?

Sammy Lee said in his Instagram Storie

Bianca Andrade

Bianca Andrade, who deceived all her fans by stomping her foot to say she was not invited to the BBB20. She is a businesswoman with over 8 million followers on social networks and owns the brand “Boca Rosa”. The famous even joked in an interview for Jovem Pan, at the time when the names for the reality show had not yet been released:

I was not invited, but I would do well at BBB. I’m not one of those booths …

bbb20 bianca andrade

Manu Gavassi

The singer Manu Gavassi, icon owner of the 2010 hits “Garoto Errado” and “Planos Impossíveis”, had sworn in 2013 that she would NEVER participate in a reality show like BBB. See the tweet:


The famous has also dated Leo Picon, who has already published on his Twitter that he is rooting for Manu.



In addition, Manu Gavassi maintains a beautiful friendship with the model Bruna Marquezine, who made the internet laugh by publishing a print of her messages to Manu and the vacuums she received, because the singer had already had her cell phone confiscated to participate in the reality show.


Another gossip about Manuela Gavassi is that the singer has already kissed the actor Chace Crawford, the Nate of Gossip Girl, at the carnival. Lucky right?

Babu Santana

Babu Santana is an actor and played Tim Mais in theaters. The resemblance is undeniable!

bbb20 babu santana tim maia

Gabi Martins

The singer who owns the hit “baby” revealed that she has already stayed with Herinque, from the duo Henrique and Juliano, and has a crush on Caio Castro and Felipe Titto. Gabi Martins already had a photo on Instagram commented by Neymar, who praised her with emojis. He dropped out of dental school to pursue his dream.

bbb20 Gabi Martins

Lucas Lead

Professional Surfer, Lucas Lead told GShow that he intends to form a couple in the 20th edition of BBB20.

There will definitely be a romance. I won’t be able to stay in the house for 3 months without a romance


Mari Gonzalez

Mari Gonzalez is an ex-panicat and currently dating ex-BBB Jonas. The digital influencer has 3 million followers on Instagram,

bbb20 mari gonzalez

Petrix Barbosa

With 1.79, Petrix Barbosa is one of the tallest gymnasts in the world, is 27 years old and has 88,000 followers on Instagram.

Petrix Barbosa is at BBB20 - Photo: Reproduction / Internet


Rafa Kalimann

Rafa Kalimann is an influencer, ambassador NGO Mission Africa
Godmother Cancer Hospital of Goias and JK Goiânia Community.

bbb20 Rafa Kalimann

Recently Rafa Kalimann was involved in a controversy with Leo Dias, after the journalist called her a futile blogger.

I won’t think it’s bad if you call me a gossip, because I am! Every blogger is futile.

Said Leo Dias after repercussion of controversy


See who the BBB20 “Pipoca” participants are and what controversies are involved


Thelma is a doctor and deceived everyone where she worked by going to the BBB20. The doctor said she would change cities and even won a farewell party for the residents she cared for, but in the end, Thelma joined Big Brother, shocking everyone.


Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo claims to be asexual and revealed to be a virgin at the age of 25. The BBB20 participant who, despite having no interest in sexual relations, still has romantic desires and would like to build a family.

Victor Hugo bbb20


A Twitter user exposed some prints of Marcela, who is a gynecologist, in 2013. At the time, the current BBB20 participant criticized the Dilma government for the program “Médico Sem Fronteiras” and for the corruption experienced in the country. In one of the most controversial prints, Marcela asks “Why doesn’t Dilma have a John Lennon style fan?”

I wouldn’t be too excited about the anti-hetero topzera humanized bisexual obstetrician Marcela Mcgowan. Has it really been deconstructed? There are horrible posts wishing Dilma’s death because of Mais Médicos # BBB20

– Markos Oliveira ?? (@MarkosOliveira) January 18, 2020


Netizens are not hanging over to Felipe. The young man, who is an architect, was accused of harassment by an alleged college colleague.

Guys, I’m not talking about BBB, but I know this Felipe from college. He’s banned from all parties and events because he harasses all the girls … I’ve seen a girl falling drunk and him on top wanting to take home.

Said user @bellaldm on Twitter


Hadson he strongly demonstrated his political opinion on Instagram, declaring himself a follower and agreeing with the ideas of President Jair Bolsonaro, a fact that displeased some fans of reality.

Paraense also has a criminal record. Hadson is accused of domestic violence against his ex-wife, Elen Cristina Vara Nery, which has a protective measure against the former football player.

Hadson bbb20


Flayslane is a singer and has 151 thousand followers on Instagram, which is more than the total inhabitants of her hometown. His most famous song is “Corno Apaixonado”, and he already has more than one million views on Youtube. Check out:


Gizely is a criminal lawyer and owns a small clothing store. She has 20,000 followers on Instagram and has had liposuction, removed belly fat and put it on her butt and implanted silicone in her breasts.

gizely bbb20

The popcorn participant from BBB20 also told GShow that something embarrassing happened on her first time: The ex of the boy she was with called him just in time H!


The BBB20 model has famous friends like Hudson and Rodrigo Caio, who play Fluminense and Flamengo, respectively. Guilherme has also been invited by Anitta to dance on stage and released the images on his social network. The participant also stated that he does not drink alcohol.

I know how to have fun without drinking

Guilherme bbb20


Lucas played basketball in the United States, with plans to go to the NBA, when he suffered an injury that forced the end of that dream and decided to become a physiotherapist. He has been dating for 8 years and has shown commitment, wanting to win Big Brother.

People on my team who don’t give 110% ”

lucas bbb20