BBB20: Bianca Andrade is eliminated and Diego Melim reacts

BBB20: Bianca Andrade is eliminated and Diego Melim reacts

Bianca Andrade is the fifth eliminated, with 53.09% of the votes, and leaves the BBB20. After elimination, Diego Melim reacts about your exit.

After facing a wall next to Flayslane, the makeup artist’s only friend in reality, and Felipe Prior, Bianca says goodbye to the glass house this Tuesday (25).

Before the voting is even finished, Bianca comments on the program that she felt she would leave the program.

Only, before the elimination, I was feeling inside my heart that I would go, so much that I said goodbye to everyone, I felt it was my time to go.

Bianca Andrade on her elimination in the

In addition, the ex-sister took the opportunity to explain that her courtship with Diego Melim came to an end on the show.

Bianca Andrade, Boca Rosa, may have asked to leave BBB

Diego Melim reacts to the elimination of Bianca Andrade

Faced with this exit from the blogger, Diego Melim, until then Bianca’s boyfriend, had to deal with questions asked by the fans.

BBB20: Bianca Andrade is eliminated and Diego Melim reacts.  |  Photo: Reproduction.

After Bianca, Boca Rosa, almost kissed brother Guilherme at a party, Diego deleted all the photos with the makeup artist.

Diogo Melim deletes photos with Bianca Andrade after controversy at BBB20

More than that, the member of the band Melim started following sister Gabi on Instagram, who liked Guilherme and felt betrayed by both the boy and his friend.

With the future of the couple’s relationship hitherto open, the fans questioned Diego about the elimination of his sister in his show at the Carnaval das Artes, in Rio de Janeiro, yesterday (25).

In addition, the singer did not appear in the audience for the carioca, since he was working, and generated discussions on social networks.

Surprised by the public’s reaction, the musician chose not to comment on the matter. Furthermore, during the band’s press conference, the subject was banned.

After that, Bianca Andrade confirms that the relationship with Diego Melim ended up in today’s program (26).