BBB20: Babu Santana, Anitta, and celebrities announce fans for Thelma

BBB20: Babu Santana, Anitta, and celebrities announce fans for Thelma

After many tests, fights, cries and other intense events from the reality show, Manu Gavassi, Rafa Kalimann and Thelma Assis are the finalists of BBB20. Check out which celebrities declared their support for Thelminha:


BBB20 finalist, Thelma wins famous crowd

The newly eliminated Babu Santana declared this Sunday (26), cheered for Thelma Assis in the grand finale of reality TV Globo in conversation with Fernanda Keulla.

Thelma is a reference for all black girls in Brazil. She went through all the difficulties, faced all kinds of prejudice and became a doctor (…). For me, she is the symbol of that ‘BBB. It synthesizes all of my thinking. I always thought that if it weren’t for me, it would have to be her.

Said Babu

However, Thelma has the support of several other celebrities to win the 1.5 million prize. The famous Cleo, formerly known by the name Cleo Pires, used his Instagram stories to declare the participant cheering.

I started watching the program more since the quarantine. I really hope for Thelminha. I find it very true in the game, very sensible and with positions and attitudes that I consider correct

Cleo Pires said on her Instagram.

The singer Ludmilla she was also not left out and, even before Thelma got her place in the final of the reality show, the funkeira had already said that she considered the participant a “warrior”.

My fans are Thelma, but I also like Babu. They are of simple origin, and they are warriors. I see myself in them. Whenever I can, I see and follow a lot, I even watch it on the internet

Ludmilla said the magazine “Quem”

Anitta, who was a strong supporter of Babu Santana, vigorously declared her support to Thelma Assis, raising a thousand-person vote for the doctor to win the title of Big Brother Brazil 2020 champion.

Marcelo Adnet, despite making it clear how much he likes Rafa and Manu, he revealed his reasons for raising support for Thelminha.

I love Manu Gavassi, I think Rafa deserves it. But there is no way: the only one registered, the only one not famous. Doctor, warrior, winner, survivor. Contrary to statistics, may win @thelminha_assis # BBBB20 🏆

– Marcelo Adnet (@MarceloAdnet) April 27, 2020

The famous Giovanna Ewbank highlights the importance of the BBB20’s representativeness and also wants the doctor to reach the first place among the finalists.

The singer Johnny Hooker and the singers Preta Gil and Linn da Quebrada they also raised support for the doctor through their social networks.

people Manu and Rafa are going to have incredible careers out here, not only for the money they will naturally earn but they have already won the hearts of the people. So let’s do justice, THELMA REGINA CHAMPION

– Johnny Hooker (@JohnnyHooker) April 26, 2020

I will vote for thelminha ateh the cy fall from the ass !!
let’s go!

– Linn da Quebrada (@linndaquebrada) April 26, 2020