BBB 20 is the biggest edition in the history of reality

BBB 20 is the biggest edition in the history of reality

On Monday night (27), BBB20 came to an end, one of the most striking editions in the program’s history. In the 100% female contest, the doctor Thelma took the long-awaited and disputed prize of R $ 1.5 million. The second place was the digital influencer Rafa Kalimann, and third, the singer Manu Gavassi.

Many people are already homesick and hardly wait for the next edition! But a question remains: will the next one be as extraordinary and remarkable as this one?

In previous years the BBB came from low audience ratings, and then the program’s director, headed by Boninho decided to innovate: mixing celebrities (box team) and registered people (popcorn team). The combination of the cast worked so well that the result didn’t it could be better: BBB20 has generated an engagement and audience higher than expected, so much so that the anonymous have become famous people and the famous have expanded their brand connections on the networks.

Breaking records

Many records have been broken in this special edition. The biggest wall of all time between Manu, Prior and Mari counted the incredible mark of 1,532,944,377 votes, a result that entered the Guinness Book (Book of Records). The actor Babu was the participant who most frequented the wall in the history of the twenty programs: 10 times. The GloboPlay streaming platform reached the mark of 95 million hours watched, higher than in the previous edition. In addition, it is worth mentioning the engagement on social networks, especially on Twitter, where # BBB20 hit over 270 million comments.


Memes moved social media absurdly and made the audience have a lot of fun during those 3 months. There is no way to forget the day when Babu let the girls put on makeup, Rafa’s lighting, Prior’s “play and play”, Flayslane’s wake, Daniel’s muddles, Ivy’s scandals, “Chernoboys”, the sensible fairies, the novels by Gabi and Guilherme and Marcela and Daniel and the pair of sandals by Manu Gavassi.

Feminism and representativeness

It was not just memes and records that BBB established itself. A huge wave of feminism was seen on the show, especially after the episode when women discovered that men planned to seduce committed women. And since then, a great sorority has made the famous “sensible fairies” come together to eliminate them.

In addition to the feminist agenda, the representation of the black movement was also present. On several occasions, brothers Babu and Thelma raised questions and debates about racism and the position of black people in today’s society.

In a way, the quarantine caused by the COVID-19 pandemic helped a lot in the engagement and entertainment of reality viewers and fans. People saw the BBB as an opportunity to escape the difficult reality experienced by social distance. But for sure, it will be a complicated task to overcome this edition in all aspects.