Batwoman – Dougray Scott about the role of the father of the main heroine of the series

Batwoman - Dougray Scott about the role of the father of the main heroine of the series

The Batwoman series is to be one of the flagship productions of The CW in the world after the end of Arrow and Out of this world. The production tells the story of Kate Kane, who as the title heroine defends Gotham City when Batman is no longer in it. In the series, Dougray Scott plays the role of Jacob, father of Kate, who runs a paramilitary organization defending the city after the departure of the Dark Knight. In an interview with the ComicBook portal, the actor said why he decided to take part in comic production after many years. As a reminder, Scott was to play Wolverine in the film X-Men. The actor admitted that he was out of the way with comic-based productions, but decided to be part of this project because Batwoman is not yet well-known to viewers heroin. Scott said that the world of comics is a world of fantasy, which can scare the viewer away, but when the series highlights problems that affect its recipient, then the situation turns around. That’s how he thinks it will be in Batwoman, also because of very human, well-written characters.

As for the role of Jacob, Scott said that he is a very complex character, which matches what he is looking for in the characters he plays. The actor said that he likes to find the dark side in good characters and this is exactly the case with Jacob. He is a good guy with a dark feature on his soul. Scott also said that the relationship of his hero and Kate is not a standard bond of father and daughter. They have a very complicated relationship that should surprise viewers in the season.

Source: picture: The CW