Batwoman | 1 × 15 – Off with Her Head

 Batwoman |  1 × 15 - Off with Her Head

And this week, even though the beginning of the episode was so warm, Batwoman has outdone itself, but not only the screenwriters, but also the incredible Rachel Skarsten, who continues to steal the spotlight in each one that appears. This time it was time to understand not only Beth / Alice, but also what can happen to Kate …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The opening part of the episode showed Kate rescuing a woman and avoiding killing a man while wearing the Batwoman costume and that says a lot about Batman’s legacy, which never kills his villains… Only we have the problem that Alice gives him a kiss. none other than August Cartwright, your kidnapper.

While Kate deals with the man in her hands and shows him to her father, Jacob, Alice runs to save Mouse, but arriving there she discovers that she is his biggest fear and in a twist he puts her under the “fear gas” .

What we see is Alice suffering at the hands of Mabel Cartwright, August’s mother and also known as Queen of Hearts. Beth’s moments of suffering with her were very intense, with the right to hot tea in her hands, which explains the burns on her hands and the reason for the glove, but the passing of years of physical and psychological torture is relived by Alice, while her father and sister discover everything by August’s vision.

Beth suffered a lot, but it was the discovery that August kept her mother’s head to put in Mabel that left her completely out of her mind and changed her personality, since there she decided to kill the villain of her life.

While Jacob goes to save Beth, Kate is alone with August who tries to kill herself with glass and she still saves him, but when she finds out what he did to his mother, Alice and Beth from the other land, Kate is beside herself and killed. Here she breaks Kate’s Batman code, and having blood on her hands, blood of vengeance, must change her head a lot from this point on.

Beth must be important to put things on track for Kate … Looking forward to seeing how that goes.

Luke and Mary spent the episode investigating Beth’s killer and end up even reaching Mabel. The connections to the way they hide Kate is funny, but Mary is still mistaken, helping Kate hoping that she will tell him she is a Batwoman, unaware that Luke helps her in this life as a watchman.

Batwoman promised a warm episode, but from the middle to the end it was just SENSATIONAL !!! I hope the series keeps pace …