Batwoman | 1 × 09 – Crisis on Infinite Earths: Hour Two

 Batwoman |  1 × 09 - Crisis on Infinite Earths: Hour Two

And the 2nd hour of Crisis on Infinite Earths (Crisis on Infinite Earths) happened in the episode of Batwoman, and placing it as one of the fundamental pieces in the crisis ends up making sense, as well as the participation of Kevin Conroy like Batman from a completely hopeless Gotham. But in general, the series just considered some events again, made interesting references, and killed characters that were not needed, due to the end of the multiverse …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Shortly after the events on Earth-38 and their disappearance, Monitor communicated to the team that there are 7 keys (Paragon) needed to destroy the Anti-Monitor and some of them were there, such as Sarah bidding for Destiny, Kara being Hope… Needing a ship to navigate faster, and without having seen episodes of legends of tomorrow, you cannot understand why Precursor needs to go to Earth-74 to get Waverider and Mick (Thermal Wave).

With everything organized, and only Mick managing to calm Jonathan, Monitor explained that they need to find a Kryptonian who is a Paragon, only in the meantime Lex Luthor ends up stealing the Book of Destiny and creating a plan that can put everything down. Kara and Kate need to find a Batman to be the Paragon of Courage …

With these two timelines to be worked on, we see Clark, Lois and Iris go after Lex and a Clark that fits, and in that we see the Death of Superman on Earth-79, which I thought would be the Land of the films of Christopher Reeve, and behold, we arrived at Terra-167 with Tom Welling from Smallville.

In Smallville, Clark, Iris and Lois even arrive in time to see Clark, but Lex sends them back to Earth-1 to then kill one more who would be his enemy, but he is completely shocked to see that Clark can hold a piece of kryptonite, which makes him think that Clark is the weakest, because he gave up his powers, to be a God, to be a human, and ends up sparing him, but his Earth is destroyed.

So we have Terra-96, where Brandon Routh puts his cloak back on and Lex pits Clark against Clark, to be defeated by Lois and Iris, who hit him on the head in a moment of distraction. Except that the Joker on this Earth achieved the feat of taking everything from Clark, he poisoned the entire building of the Daily Planet, killing Jimmy, Perry and even Lois Lane.

I liked and laughed at the interactions of Lois and Iris, the pair proved to be excellent in the field and both journalists can yield something interesting if they take more advantage of the characters in new crossovers.

I laughed with Ray meeting Clark, and how they took the wave of them looking alike …

In the future, or rather, on Earth-99, Kate meets Bruce and Luke, who protects him, but besides all that, there is a huge problem, Kara discovers that that Batman killed Clark, and in an intense moment of discussion, they end up compromising. Bruce makes it clear that there must be options to destroy someone so powerful, and Kate is against it, but we see on Earth-1 that even though she is the Paragon of Courage, she keeps a piece of kryptonite with her…

The focus was on these two main lines, but we had two more plots being worked on and they were not so exciting, as Precursor hearing voices and only then did we discover that she was being summoned by Anti-Monitor, which finally shows up.

Now, with Oliver’s death, Mia stubborn as her own father, convinces Barry and Sara to bring their father back and Constantine ends up being the key to that. They then find a Lazarus Well active on Earth-18 and it, in South Dakota, ends up being protected by Jonah Rex.

The question that remains is that with Oliver resurrected, how will he have his soul thrown back into his body and if Constantine will achieve such a feat, since only Sara and Thea had their souls calmer, since Roy still has the thirst for blood, that needs to be controlled.

Moving towards the middle of the Crisis, Batwoman it delivered more things being drawn to its plot, the destruction of other Earths, but it also showed that Kara should keep an eye on this new friendship, only the best thing is that the series can still use Kevin Conroy as Batman from Earth-1, since Kate and Beth seem to make good connections.