Batwoman | 1 × 06 – I’ll Be Judge, I’ll Be Jury

 Batwoman |  1 × 06 - I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury

Batwoman it brings a “vigilante”, puts a little focus on Luke Fox’s past, but it is the drama of Alice and Mouse that ends up attracting attention. So far, they’ve shown that Beth looked bad after her kidnapping and her upbringing with the boy, but if she doesn’t “hit” well, Mouse even less, and that was shown in his attachment to her and the fear of losing her to his sister. real.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Alice does her best to show Mouse that she is willing to give him his full attention, but he still sees her as shifting sides to be close to Kate. Alice still makes it clear that it will be all three, but he goes to a meeting posing as Dean and steals a gun that is capable of going through any Batman costume.

Meanwhile, Kate and Luke go after the killer of a prosecutor who put countless villains behind bars, or in Arkham, but end up discovering that he and a judge had a maracutaia to put anyone, especially if they were against his rules, and even same race.

The Executioner then shows himself to be a jailer who killed countless upon the decisions of these judges and found himself then killing innocents, so he started to consider himself a villain and decided to put an end to the people who made him do such acts.

Luke is against it all the time, as the prosecutor helped to arrest his father’s murderer, Lucius Fox, and we found out how well he is connected to his father’s memory and how he just wants to be better at honoring him.

Batwoman then delivers the Executioner and a video to Jacob, showing everything that really happened …

Meanwhile, Sophie is intrigued by Kate being Batwoman and is sure of it and ends up talking about it with Mary after being cared for by the doctor at her base. Mary begs her not to tell Jacob or anyone else about the location, making the agent discover that Mary is not the futile girl on the internet.

Batwoman it is interesting, it builds a base to support itself and look for a way to get away from Batman / Bruce, citing him more sporadically, and giving a better development to his characters.