Batwoman | 1 × 04 – Who Are You?

 Batwoman |  1 × 04 - Who Are You?

With quotes to Rihana, Batwoman puts Kate rethinking why Cousin Bruce is so lonely on his journey and how the mask affects his personal life. The fact is that she understands that she will need to create a different persona.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Against Magpie, a jewel thief without powers, but with enough skill, Kate finds herself in trouble with the bataranguans and destroys a very valuable vase. Luke ends up fixing the accessories, as they have weight and aerodynamics for Bruce’s arms.

Torn between the nightlife, Kate needs to deal with the relationship that started with Reagan, but that soon does not go ahead.

In addition, Kate leaves Chuck with Mary, who uses the morphine given to the man and he is delusional, to discover that Alice is after someone named Mouse.

And Alice, or rather Beth, as the most interesting character, ends up putting Catherine against the wall, forcing her to go to Jacob and tell him that she was the one who arranged the skeleton to pretend to be his daughter, because she was tired of the endless searches and how even Kate was losing a life chasing her sister.

With that coming up, Jacob’s chase after Alice must take a turn.

Now, I loved the reference to the Crocodile, showing that Batman villains can still do damage. Also, I liked the episode to be more investigative.