Batwoman | 1 × 02 – The Rabbit Hole

 Batwoman |  1 × 02 - The Rabbit Hole

And the second episode of Batwoman still brought a lot of Batman to support it, which is necessary to guide things, after all, it does not exist without the cousin in the heroic aspect, only that the series managed to get away from it at least a little.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

When putting Kate wanting to expose at all costs that Alice is the truth Beth, ended up bringing more confusion for Jacob, her father. Everyone sees her as a person desperate to cling to the past and want to end her story well anyway.

The point is that Alice is also very attached to Kate and even makes it clear, citing Alice in Wonderland, who are just the two sisters, which puts Mary at risk. I like this idea of ​​her keeping the suspense and the script leaving a confusion about their relationship, even making it clear that this is it.

I liked Beth telling Kate that when she takes on the mantle of Batman, she is also getting into her Alice madness. It remains to be seen whether she already knows that Bruce Wayne was the watchman.

And speaking of Batman, I liked the construction of Luke and how he talks a little bit afraid of his father, Lucius Fox, and Kate still plays with the situation. I already enjoyed it as Kate’s “eyes”, while Mary will take care of the medical part, and I don’t know what her reaction will be in connecting the dots and seeing her half sister as Batwoman.

Now, Catherine hides something and she was the one who orchestrated a way to recover Alice’s knife and prevent the DNA test from being done … Will we have another villain?

Batwoman it still has something to grow, but by leaving the weight of Bruce / Batman a little and focusing on the Kane, the series shows that it will do something interesting for you, without losing Batman’s reference, but creating your own strength.