Batwoman | 1 × 01 – Pilot

 Batwoman |  1 × 01 - Pilot

Batman has been missing for 3 years, as well as Bruce Wayne, and on the day of that mark the people of Gotham decided to turn off the Bat-signal … Only the writers did not take the word out of the mouth and Batman was mentioned MUCH in the episode, which was average, didactic, and presented the good guys, villains and the necessary twists. Batwoman yet to emerge …

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

At first the series is about this woman tired of being in the shade of others, especially her father, Jacob Kane, who is Bruce Wayne’s cousin. Kate then tries hard not to be her father’s precious pebble and tries to show him that she has a lot of value.

She returns home when she finds out that her ex, Sophie, has been kidnapped by Alice, the villain who starts showing up in Gotham on that “special” day. In fact, she goes to the abandoned Wayne Industries building, protected by Luke Fox, son of Lucius Fox, engineer and guardian of Bruce’s secret.

That’s how she finds out that her cousin is Batman, which is why they were both missing at that time. With Batman’s outfit slightly modified, she saves Sophie and meets Alice, who leaves her confused.

From a previous encounter with the villain, Kate was surprised, and after stealing her gun, she understood that Alice is actually her sister, Beth, who she thought died in the same accident as her mother, where they both failed to be saved by Batman, who saved the bus and another 30 or so children. Luke says that Bruce blamed himself a lot for the death of his cousin’s wife and cousin.

This was the episode …

He further showed that Jacob wants to protect Gotham by creating The Crows, a squad to protect the city, but one of his men is with Alice and her Wonderland gang.

Kate’s dynamic with Luke will be cool, but even better with her half sister, daughter of the woman her father ended up getting married after her mother died. The cool thing is that Mary proves to be super futile and connected on social networks, but she also hides, being active in the community to save men and women as a doctor.

Hope Batwoman overcome this first impression of wanting to focus so much on Batman and really show the strength of the woman she needs to face. Ruby Rose seems apathetic in this pilot, but is better than his appearance in Arrowverse: Elseworld. Alice is a crazy and interesting villain, but being Kate’s half sister frustrated her a little, but she has her Joker and her gang.