Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – movie review

Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - movie review

Fans of pop culture do not need to be specifically educated in the matter of the concept of “crossover” – cinema, serial or comic connections between the characters from separate franchises we encounter a lot today. Some of them are served in a completely serious fashion, in others the rule is that the stranger the better. The second group certainly includes a film that Polish viewers have already had the opportunity to see. I am hurrying to report that we are not dealing here with any revolution in the field of animation or even with a work that would be permanently remembered in our memory. However, if you treat this production as a kind of guilty pleasure and let yourself be carried away without a handle, which the Dark Knight will invite you to a company with mutated pizza lovers, you can be really satisfied. The contrast between the modus operandi of the title characters, their quite different disposition, a galaxy of well-known characters in the background and absurd humor – what more could you want? I will go a step further and write that in this seemingly only strange world I would like to enter again.

The very beginning of this story announces what a frivolous approach to crossover we will be dealing with: Barbara Gordon discovers that a powerful generator has been stolen by a Clan Feet arriving in Gotham. When he wants to inform Batman about this, we already find him during a brilliantly illustrated battle with Shredder, in which both rivals reach for characteristic fighting techniques. The viewer does not even get a moment to breath – the sequence later Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles take on the heads of the Penguin and his gang, in the meantime allowing themselves peculiar comments about the villain’s umbrella. However, he pushes them towards the Bat-cave; first they check the Dark Knight on the net, then in the hero’s hideout and they play the tyrannosaur like unruly kids, and they will face Robin. The latter knows that Shredder has allied with Ra’s al Ghul to create a machine that will turn the inhabitants of Gotham into bizarre monsters. The avalanche of events is starting – we are waiting for visits to Arkham Asylum, Ace Chemicals, for a while we will even listen to the hilarious conversation between Commissioner Gordon and Michelangelo. Add to all this the fact that Batman’s opponent gang is transforming into a cross between an animal and a Venom-like creature. Yes, it happens from beginning to the very end, even if we perfectly sense what protagonists have prepared for the cheese-like finale.

The biggest advantage of this animation is the way director Jake Castoren collides with each other at first glance the worlds of Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – at the outset the first of them plays the role of father, while the other become a group of recalcitious pupils, with everyone here is learning to the same scale and intensity. Pale poorly seated somewhere in the evil plot of Clan of the Foot and League of Assassins narrative fuel; the story is pretext and you don’t have to be a screen omnibus to discover this state of affairs. It’s about dependencies, contrasts, nuances in behavior, not only among the main characters, but also those characteristic of Harley Quinn and other characters from the Dark Knight universe. There is something absurdly endearing in Batman’s fighting style that he wants to prove that there is only one true ninja in Gotham. We will reach the same conclusion when the Turtles start making fun of Alfred’s napkin (for pizza, of course), and the mutated Joker will start to frighten us with a sinister laugh. Castorena reaches for everything that is best in the mythology of the title heroes so different, then to squeeze both worlds through the grotesque and wonders press. Remember this when you see the face of the Masked Crusader shortly after discovering that the turtle’s father is a rat, or when pizza fanatics from the channels allow themselves ironic attention to change their face Batman. The director plays, and we also have fun with him.

Batman versus Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an animation that will conquer your hearts spilling here literally and figuratively from the screen humor, with a huge mistake if we want to put it in a drawer with the words “for children”. There are scenes here as bloody as if Frank Miller helped to create them with Quentin Tarantino – shurikens break into the back of the head, and one of the characters will end his story shorter by a head. So we can come to the conclusion that the target audience for the director were, however, slightly older viewers who, following the adventures of Batman and Turtles, will go on a journey of the sentimental genre. They will laugh, but they will also discover their own time machine, which once again will take them to the last decade of the twentieth century – this feeling will intensify even if we take into account the characteristic style of animation, typical of the 90s Pizza eaten, the characters can go away in your site. Wait for the scene after the subtitles, however; the bat-turtle-mutants can come back much earlier than we had expected …

Source: Main image: Warner Bros./ Nickelodeon

Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles