Batman vs Superman team still does not understand rejection to the “Martha moment”

batman and superman

When Batman vs. Superman hit theaters, the public strongly criticized the “Martha moment”, when the two heroes became allies and stopped fighting when they found out that their mothers had the same name. stunt coordinator Damon Caro spoke again on the subject, saying he does not understand this rejection.

“There was no conversation about ‘oh, people are going to have a problem with that, or they won’t understand or they’ll think it’s silly’. It’s funny, Zack [Snyder] and I had a conversation about it, probably a month ago. This issue came up and I said I really don’t understand, and I don’t listen to haters much, but I heard some conversations and I don’t understand what the disconnect is. ”

“What is the problem with the importance of this line? The connection of having the mother’s name allows you to connect with someone you wanted to obliterate from the planet because you saw him as a threat to the human race. You see him as a threat, so in that single moment, you realize that he is an orphan and his mother … You see him as you were as a child. You see him in that light and it illuminates you so much that you come to see him no longer as an enemy, but as an ally. A fellow who is trying to do the right thing to achieve justice. So no, as I said before, it always made sense to me and I am perplexed [com a rejeição do público]. I don’t have an answer for that ”.

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By Milena Costa