Batman: the hero’s uniform is fully revealed

Batman: the hero

THE dark Knight will come back to our screens next year and there are already some rumors about the new feature. Matt Reeves released to fans a promotional video, but there is still much to be revealed about the new Batman, as Warner remains discreet.

Batman: the hero's uniform is fully revealed.  |  Photo: Reproduction.

This time, the novelty came from some photos taken on the set, which showed all the clothes of the hero. In it, a symbol draws attention, which looks more and more like the butt of a revolver sawn in the middle. As in the comics, the character wears a belt that appears to be a case for his.

There are also several weapons on the forearms of the Super hero and what look like arrows. We can also see in more detail the Batman mask, which looks inspired by the comics Zero Year. However, although so many details have been present, most fans will still notice the absence of a cover, so emblematic in the hero of the comics.

These are not the only details that we can see in the photos. In them, Robert Pattinson appears on top of a motorcycle, or rather, Batmoto, in addition to presenting the Bruce Wayne younger than cinema has ever brought.

Batman is due to hit theaters in June 2021. Matt Reeves’ film will have Robert Pattinson in the role of the protagonist. In addition to the ex-twilight, Zoë Kravitz is also advertised as Catwoman, while Jeffrey Wright will be the Commissioner Gordon. The black knight must face not one, but three villains: Carmine Falcone (John Turturro), The Penguin (Colin Farrell) and Sphinx (Paul Dano).

By: Writing – Speak! Universities