Batman: the 5 strangest costumes used by the hero

Batman: the 5 strangest costumes used by the hero

With the recent revelation of the newest Batman costume in theaters, which will be played by Robert Pattinson, we recall some of the most “peculiar” clothes in the hero’s history. The comics are included, obviously, but it is not the only medium present. Check out:

Zur-En-Arrh Batman

This Batman version of a planet called Zur-En-Arrh is a bit out of the standard that audiences are used to. The most striking colors like yellow and purple seem to be of little use when it comes to hiding in the shadows and surprising enemies. And the idea is precisely this! Do not hide, but attract the attention of the villains and thus show all the confidence that this Batman has in his fighting skills.

The first appearance of this outfit was in 1958 and, since then, it has appeared in other media, such as the Arkham Knight game. Some may even like this version, but it is undeniable that it looks like a Batman + Carnival combination. Here’s the tip for your next costume …

Sir William

What happens if you mix Batman with a Round Table warrior? You end up with one of the most bizarre alternative versions of the hero. In 1997, DC launched a series reimagining their characters and thus created Sir William. He is one of King Arthur’s knights who is cursed to be trapped in his castle, until he discovers armor, which can go beyond the walls of his confinement.

It is important to note that Sir William does not “wear” the armor, but he incorporates his spirit in it so that he can bring justice to people and thus pay for their past crimes. The red color, the shield, the sword and the “fin” on the helmet are mere details close to all the madness of this story.

Stan Lee’s Batman

Geniuses don’t just make it right… You could even say that this is one of Batman’s villains, the Human Bat, but it’s just the renowned Marvel comic book version of one of DC’s greatest heroes. Apparently, our late Stan Lee was not very inspired to create this costume, which looks like a low budget Halloween costume.

However, the icing on the cake is that the story behind this abomination is blatantly similar to that of Spider-Man. In it, Wayne Williams – Bruce Wayne of Lee – creates the outfit to participate in a wrestling championship and earn money.

After this big mistake, there is only the teaching that it might be better not to mix the universes of comics.

Adam West Batman

Yes, we have to admit that one of the most classic versions of the Hooded Crusader is not an exquisite design. Obviously, for the time it was released, the uniform was more than adequate. However, after several years with different versions of the hero’s clothes, the 60’s became playful and dated.

The drawn eyebrows, the strange “ears” and the cape that only hindered during the iconic fight scenes help in the composition of this comic costume.

All our respect for this version that helped popularize the hero, but the uniform, unfortunately, has not aged very well.

Batman and Robin

It would be impossible to end the list without the “wonderful” costume worn by George Clooney. The idea of ​​the most robust uniform is still used today and started in Tim Burton’s films, but the addition of the nipples added the final touch to the disaster. The inspiration for the outfit came from sculptural male statues made by the Greeks many years ago.

However, the failure of the film comes not only from the “bat-costume”, but also from a confused direction by Joel Schumacher, who felt it necessary to film even the actors’ ass while they dressed for combat. In addition to the poor performances, puns on all sides and cartoon sound effects during fights.

Batman and Robin’s uniform entered the history of comic book cinema with the teaching of what not to do when trying to create a memorable look for an equally memorable hero.

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