Barry | Season 2 review

 Barry |  Season 2 review

Everyone wants to kill Barry!

Barry, one of the most pleasant surprises of 2018, has returned for new episodes with great pressure and high expectations. And the series does it in a fantastic way, gets rid of the curse of the second season, and delivers an even more interesting new year, morbidly fun and marked by fantastic performances by its actors, led by the talented Bill Hader that makes your Barry one of the most complex figures on TV at the moment.

Bill Hader in Barry (2018)Barry – Season 2 | Photo: HBO

Back on stage! The new year begins, right after the hallucinating end of season hook, where Barry, at the beginning of this second season, he decided to embrace his more human side and focus on life as Barry Block, the aspiring actor and no longer the hit man, and in his relationship with his drama teacher Gene (Henry Winkler, great) who suffers from her grief and sees her life change completely, and with her colleague Sally (Sarah Goldberg) who discovers that being honest and facing their problems helps in the development of their acting techniques.

Thus, the first episodes of the new year of Barry (2 × 01 – The Show Must Go On, Probably?, 2 × 02 – The Power of No) show this new world for the character, where he asks himself: I’m a good person, aren’t I? And then, the great north that the season gives us turns out to be the character (trying!) To convince himself that he can put aside his killer past and focus on the good things that his life in Los Angeles can offer.

But, of course, when you are involved with the Chechen mafia, it doesn’t seem like an easy task, as is clear from 2 × 03 – Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday). In the second season, Barry seems to present its arcs on two fronts, we again focus on the theater group, where Barry’s colleagues seem to gain a little more prominence by coming up with acts that speak about their biggest fears, and also, we see the series continue to develop the plot that involves the gang of mobsters. Is here, Barry seems to be a separate series, where the eccentric Honk (Anthony Carrigan, sensational) takes power and needs to fight a rival faction.

So, these two fronts still unite with the investigation of the death of the police officer at the end of season one, which delivers the great 2 × 04 – What?. It seems like a lot for a season with 30 min episodes, but Barry deals with it in an almost masterful way, where the arches connect, little by little, throughout the season, where everything converges to its only common denominator: Barry!

And so, Barry it is the gunpowder that sets the season on fire and delivers consistent episodes, fun in its own way, that make for a very subtle yet surreally hilarious mood.

Henry Winkler in Barry (2018)Barry – Season 2 | Photo: HBO

Barry relies on monologues and hooks to create an even more crazy season, with situations that seem impossible for the characters to leave, and that make a couple of final episodes (2 × 07 – The Audition and 2 × 08 – berkman> block) blow your mind with the countless repercussions that the events presented can offer for the future of the series.

So, by closing the curtain of this second act, we see Barry (the series), Barry, Gene, Sally in completely different markings than those that were at the beginning of the season. Lights go out. Break. Beginning of Act Three.

The two seasons of Barry are on HBO.