Babu Santana and Manu Gavassi remember all the bullshit of the BBB20

babu santana and manu gavassi bullshit from BBB20

Babu Santana and Manu Gavassi had fun with the costume chosen for the last party that took place on the 20th edition of Big Brother Brasil 2020 and decided to play, carrying out the “Treta Awards”, remembering together with Thelma and Rafa Kalimann the best BBB20 bullshit.

babu santana and manu gavassi bullshit from BBB20

Remember the best bullshit of the BBB20

Brother and sister recalled the first bullshit of the program, including the bullshit between Rafa Kalimann and Bianca Andrade that occurred at the first BBB20 party, in which Pink mouth got drunk and called Kalimann a “freak”, recalling an event in which Rafa would have supposedly ignored her.

Another unforgettable iconic bullshit this season was called “War against machismo” by Manu Gavassi, in which the women of the program went to charge Petrix and Hadson, who had the idea of ​​seducing committed women to eliminate them later.

Fish War
Foam War
Cookie War
Bianca VS Rafa
Bean War
War against machismo

They listened to brother and sister.

Another bullshit not forgotten by the current BBB’s was the “Disney War”, which took place when former participant Felipe Prior said, when indicating Manu Gavassi for the wall, that the sister seemed to “live at Disney”.

Joining the game, Thelminha recalled the “War of the Plant”, which occurred a few days ago, when the recently eliminated Flayslane said the doctor was a “plant” and that she would come out on the first wall that fell.

Babu Santana also nominated himself and Felipe Prior as the “most stupid brothers” and gave the title of “most stupid sister” to Bianca Andrade. The actor also recalled the moment when Thelma told ex-BBB Lucas that he was a “scrotum male”, watch video:

Getting laughter from all the participants, Manu Gavassi recalled one of his iconic bullshit during the program, which happened at a party involving her and Vitor Hugo.

Manu Gavassi Vs Vitor Hugo in “Falso do Caralho”

Said the singer.

The group also did not let Rafa Kalimann’s speech Flayslane while the sister was still on the show. The influencer’s speech went viral on the internet and is even being used as a soundtrack for dances performed by users of the application.

I do not like you. I don’t feel the truth about you. I find you, yes, incoherent, you are where it suits you. In all its ways, speeches, steps, positions and etc.

I think you are a fake, I think you are extremely uneducated, extremely rude to people, extremely proud.

Vented Rafa to Flayslane