Azur Lane | First impressions

 Azur Lane |  First impressions

Azur Lane is one of the new animes that debuted this season and my friend, I was not prepared for that.

And when I write that I was not prepared for, I mean that I was really unaware of the existence of the game on which it is based, of the manga and novels that it ended up originating from. And for not knowing the narrative and “reasons” and entering this universe through anime, I confess that I am still trying to process what I saw in this first episode.

For those who don’t know, just as I didn’t know, Azur Lane emerged in 2017 as a game for Android and iOS, offering a mix of side scrolling, shooting and RPG. It was released in China and soon afterwards in Japan, where it became a hit and thanks to its well-developed gameplay by the developers (and obviously other attractions), and it continues to remain popular with players.

I, on the other hand, was unaware of the game, its history and anything related. And when I started watching the anime, I thought it would be something like Arpeggio of Blue Steel, anime which I even liked to follow and even if it’s not my style, I liked the story and characters. And I’m kind of open-minded about taking chances in anime, because there is something interesting that justifies watching and I always try to give the first episode a chance at least, and if it fulfills any requirements that I like, I will go to the end.

However Azur Lane the anime, went beyond what my weeb factor can accept.

For the very little that is presented to us in the first episode of the anime, Earth was invaded by alien mermaids in their battleships during World War II. And in order to defend the planet from this invasion, alliances are formed between some countries to seek to eradicate this evil.

Okay, I can live with that.

But wait, we only have young girls with moe visuals that sometimes border the (subtle) loli, who represent real vessels that participated in the second world war and that dress these ships. During battles. Giant vessels such as aircraft carriers, frigates and others are transformed into something “wearable” and deadly, but appropriate for the size of the characters.

In this initial episode I also saw beautiful girls in 9-tailed fox versions and an aircraft carrier turning into a giant wolf and lots of action.

Nani ?!

And while everything was scrolling on the screen, there I was trying to process the little plot and everything that was thrown at me.

My conclusion about the first episode is that the anime is beautiful and will probably please fans of the game and its “universe”, but for this guy who had no idea what he was embarking on, who didn’t play the game, for the exaggerated moe and others reasons, I confess that I will disembark from this ship right here and I will stay only in the first episode.