Autism: 5 movies on Netflix to better understand the condition

Autism: 5 movies on Netflix to better understand the condition

Today, April 2nd, is the World Autism Awareness Day. Many do not quite understand the Autistic Spectrum Disorder (TEA), or how to interact with those who have this condition. Some films address the theme and, thus, it is possible to enter, indirectly, the world of autistic people.

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Some film productions address the autism superficially, while others place the disorder at the center point of the plot. Check out the best films about autism that are available to watch on Netflix:

5 movies on Netflix to understand autism


When dreamer Ishaan ends up in boarding school, an art teacher tries to help the creative young man discover his true identity.

Ishaan (Darsheel Safary) is a child with dyslexia, but who faces situations similar to those experienced by autistic people, such as appearing uninterested in studies, wanting to be isolated and being undisciplined at times.


This autistic accountant has several skills: he knows everything about accounting records and murders with precision. Your new customer will need both.


An adult with a mental age of 7 raises his daughter alone, but the guardianship council deems him unable to exercise fatherhood.

Although Sam Dawson (Sean Penn) is not autistic, watching helps us understand several issues that also involve those with TEA.


A mother goes to Patagonia with her autistic son, hoping that a guard and orcas will help him find his emotions.


In this exciting documentary, a comedy troupe made up of four friends with autism spectrum prepares for one last performance before the separation of its members.

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