Astrology with Princess Caroço invades the Cartoon Network’s Messenger on Facebook

Astrology with Princess Caroço invades the Cartoon Network's Messenger on Facebook

There, my lumps, people! The princess who floats like a cloud and has funny expressions, with hints of irony, invades the Facebook. That’s right: now Princess Core gives astrological advice to fans of cartoon Network and everything for Messenger!

On Facebook, she talks, delivers horoscopes, complains – of course! – and still makes loving matches between signs. Just start a conversation via Messenger from the Cartoon Network Facebook page and say your sign.

During the dialogue, fans will be able to proceed by clicking on standard buttons, reacting with emojis, asking about other signs and even sharing with their friends on their timeline what their horoscope for the day was. The responses of Princesa Caroço may mix contexts of episodes of Adventure Time, and also talk about the other characters, such as Jake, Finn and Princesa Jujuba.

After that, the personalized horoscope is delivered three times a week – on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays – automatically, just like Princess Caroço. When you least expect it, you are brushing your teeth, having breakfast or studying … your horoscope for the day comes from none other, none other than “Madame Caroço”! So, will you want to know what your predictions for the day are?