Ashton Kutcher or Michael Fassbender: who played Steve Jobs most masterfully in cinema?


Everyone loves a story based on real events. If it is about an important personality, then it doesn’t even talk. You can expect curious eyes in the disclosure. It happened in 2013, when we saw the founder of the giant Apple, Steve Jobs, winning a biographical version for theaters with the film entitled Jobs. In 2015, however, a new adaptation took over the screens, under the name of Steve Jobs: The Man and the Machine. Released close to each other, the comparison between the two films was inevitable and they continue to share opinions in terms of script and choice of actors.

Steve Jobs was an emblematic figure, with elements that make his personality and trajectory a full plate for the film industry. Who was this man who started one of the biggest companies in the world in a garage? Even after his death, his legacy remains strong and there are still products designed by him to be launched, which makes Apple’s shares respond to each launch and the company remains among the top 500 in the US.

Given its importance, portraying it is certainly not a task immune to criticism. Which film then is more faithful to the man behind Apple?

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Whatever your opinion, it is undeniable that Ashton Kutcher was the right choice for the role in the feature film directed by Joshua Michael Stern. The actor actually embodied the character, including in terms of physical resemblance, and got the changes regarding Jobs’ temperament right, ranging from calm to furious. Having succeeded in this, he brought to the screen the way Jobs walked and even the tone of his voice. His performance in the film also managed to convey the idea of ​​what the protagonist thought about his aspirations and his personal life, showing the rejection suffered by his biological parents when giving him up for adoption, something that ends up being reflected later in the relationship with his daughter. It is an approach that shows Jobs’ narcissism and problems, but the slightly confused script ends up damaging the final result, since many facts are disconnected.

Steve Jobs: The Man and the Machine

The 2015 film also addresses the character’s personality and personal problems, but goes deeper into Jobs’ personal relationships by focusing on three events: the launch of the first Macintoch, the creation of NeTX Inc. and the introduction of the iMac . The spectator follows the backstage of each of these events, with the character absorbed in the preparation of the products. At the same time, he faces professional problems with the company’s board and personal issues due to the turbulent relationship with his daughter and ex-girlfriend. Unlike Kutcher, actor Michael Fassbender does not physically resemble anything like the real Jobs, but clever dialogues thanks to Aaron Sorkin’s script made Fassbender a brilliant choice for the role, which was initially given to Christian Bale. The conversations combined with the fact that the clock is a central element in the plot, since the story is presented just minutes before each event, instills a feeling of urgency in the audience, which holds your attention.

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So which one is the best?

This will depend on the focus. From the point of view of showing the layers of the character, Kutcher performed better. Fassbender was fantastic, but his performance was punctuated much more in the character’s arrogance and in how much the name behind the direction of the film had weight. Although Kutcher provides a navigation through the emotional of the character, something that he carries on his own in the film, if we consider the film as a whole, Fassbender has an advantage in pleasing the audience. Of course, both are to be congratulated, but, already knowing that there are controversies, it is worth watching both productions and taking the test.